On The Rock Restaurant Phuket

On The Rock Restaurant Phuket – Thai food by the sea in Karon

Seaside Thai Food in Karon

On The Rock is a beautiful open-air seafood restaurant built on the rocks at the southern end of famous Karon Beach. Part of the long-standing Marina Phuket Resort has a unique location and superb views on the Karon Beach. The way from the parking to the terrace through the greenery of the garden sets the mood beautifully.</.p>

On The Rock restaurant has been opened for 20 years and hasn’t changed much since the opening. Set in a traditional Thai design using a lot of dark wood and the rocks of the cliff as a natural back wall. The restaurant is quite large, but you should call in advance to get a table by the sea, or at least one of the four tables set just outside the entrance of the restaurant. Getting a table in the second raw kind of defeat the purpose.

As usual, we came unannounced so we could get a glimpse of what On The Rock offers to a regular visitor. We know that being invited always mean special treatment and doesn’t reflect the true colours of the restaurant.

It didn’t go so smoothly. Service was a little rough and food wasn’t all that great, the impression you get from a hotel restaurant that has been running for a little too long: enthusiasm and smiles are long gone. When we asked for the fish, the waitress said the big fish on display was good, but the smaller ones in the kitchen weren’t. That’s very unusual.

On The Rock


As a summary, we would say that the experience is very romantic and relaxing and it’s still worth going for a cocktail followed but a dinner if you don’t place your culinary expectations too high. We don’t think you can go just for a drink but remember to book in advance and specify a table by the sea and arrive before sunset to enjoy the view (see the Phuket time here).

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On The Rock Restaurant

Location: Marina Phuket Resort, 47 Karon Road, Karon Beach, Phuket 83100
Hours: 12 am – 11.30 pm
Tel: +66 76 330 625
Price: Expensive.

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