Thanoon Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant Phuket
Thanoon Seafood Restaurant Phuket
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Thanoon Seafood Restaurant

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant is perfect to spend a half day in an unusual location, a breezy place right on the beach of an unexpected bay, offering also all kinds of water-sports including wake board and kite surfing. Thanoon Seafood has found itself a little golden spot no one had thought about before: next to the Sarasin bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland. This natural little bay benefits of a nice little breeze and an amazing view on both the open sea on one side, and the view on the new bridge on the other side. The place remains surprisingly peaceful despite the traffic on the nearby Sarasin bridge.

Set by the beach, two large Salas decorated with simplicity are a great place to try some really local dishes hard to find in usual Thai restaurants. I tried my fist ‘Chakachan Talay‘, or Sea Cicadas, a small rounded sand crustacean I never found in a restaurant before. Served deep fried with a chili sauce, it tastes a bit like tiny soft shell crab and before we knew it, the whole plate was empty. Great while watching sunset with a beer.

Thanoon Seafood restaurant

Other fun things we tried at Thanoon restaurant was the ‘Pla Sai‘ a small deep fried sand fish: don’t waste time picking the bones, eat the whole thing including the head. It’s crunchy, a bit salty and good. An all time Thai favourite is the ‘Nam Prik‘, a (very) spicy shrimp paste served with a mix of boiled and fresh veggies such as eggplants, green beans and cucumbers. Very ethnic and also very spicy is other Thai specialty: the smelly yellow ‘Gaeng Som‘. Here to you can try to taste the eggs of the curious ‘Mang Da Talay‘, a prehistoric looking horse shoe crab, or the ‘Mantis Shrimps‘, a large weird looking and expensive prawn. Don’t forget to try the ‘Thai Oysters‘, but get ready to be surprised when you’ll see their size and how they are served, with garlic and chilies.


The menu at Thanoon restaurant is large and the food is excellent. Of course all the classic Thai dishes are served, and you can pick your own crabs, prawns and lobsters in a live tank. But this is more or less a standard feature in any seafood restaurant in Phuket.

Just next to Thanoon Seafood you can enjoy a surprisingly large amount of water sports and rent most of the equipment right there. Wake-board, jet-skis, kite-surfing, and even a small sailing school, but wind doesn’t seem to blow strong in this bay. Thanoon seafood restaurant is a great place to stop on your way to or back from Phang Nga, to enjoy looking at to northernmost point of Phuket from the mainland 🙂

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Poo Chakachan (See cicada) pla-sai
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Thanoon Seafood Location Map

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