What to Do at the Sarasin Bridge

The Sarasin Bridge connects Phuket island to Phang Nga province on the mainland of Thailand. The original 600 meters bridge was built in 1967 and was known to be the scene of some sad love story, the way bridges often do.

At the time the bridge wasn’t very high and for many years it was a problem for large boats that had to go all around the island to reach the Andaman Sea. In 2010, a new higher double lane bridge was built parallel to the old one, allowing more road traffic above, and bigger ships to pass below.

the sarasin bridge seen from the sky
the Sarasin Bridge seen from the sky

At the contrary of what we thought, the old bridge wasn’t demolished. Instead, they transformed into a smart pedestrian bridge with an elevated central section, allowing beautiful photos of the bay and special events to be held.

The old Sarasin Bridge runs parallel to the new bridge

Where to Eat at Sarasin Bridge?

There are 2 excellent Thai restaurants at Sarasin, one at each end of the bridge. Thaonoon and Rimpan both serve great local seafood and Thai food in a very relaxing beach setting.

Thanoon Seafood

Thanoon Seafood restaurant Phuket

Thanoon seafood is large and recent, with concrete roofs and a large kitchen. The restaurant is quiet during the day but past 5 pm several speedboats arrive and offload a crowd of tourists. Fortunately, this loud crowd stays in the far building so your dinner is not spoiled.

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Rimpan Seafood

Rimpan Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Rimpan Seafood is a lot more fun and very local. It is literally hidden on a tiny beach next to the bridge, on the Phuket side. Here you can sit in those old fashion bamboo huts by the sea and admire the channel that separates Phuket from the mainland. The restaurant is on the beach in the shade of trees and serves some great seafood at a very good price.

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What to do near the Bridge?

Past the bridge, on the mainland, is a line of local roadside stalls, the way they like to do in Thailand. Each stall sells basically the same things, which here is mostly those famous Phuket Pineapples and those huge scary-looking coconut crabs. It’s fun to stop by for a photo.

Shops at the Sarasin bridge

Natai Beach and Pilai Beach

Baba Beach Club on Natai Beach

Just past the bridge are Natai beach and Pilai beach, two fantastic beaches with no one on them but you.

Before the bridge, on the Phuket side, you could stop at the ‘Phuket Gateway’, a small shopping village erected at the wrong place, hoping that people would stop on the way in or out of the island. Just as you can expect, no one stops there: if you just arrive in Phuket, you just want to reach your destination. If you are leaving the island, you are on your way to somewhere and it would take something a little more impressive to stop you.

Phra Kaew Beach

Haad Pak Phra Beach

Exploring the small beaches next to the bridge is also fun. The first small one is home to the Rimpan Seafood as mentioned earlier. The second, called Pak Phra Beach is where people wash and bathe in… jellyfish!

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Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach Phuket

A little further is the fantastic and deserted Sai Kaew beach. it’s a bit of walk but it’s so worth it.

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More Photos

Map of Sarasin Bridge

What’s Around?

Sai Kaew Beach (Haad Sai Kaew)

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant Phuket at the Sarasin Bridge

Rimpan Seafood Restaurant Phuket – A Great Hidden Restaurant on the Beach