What to Do in Naithon Beach?

Naithon Beach is one of these little-known beaches on the west coast of Phuket, far from the crowded areas such as Patong Beach or Kata Beach. People chose to stay here to find a peaceful village with just enough restaurants and hotels not to feel too remote but still all the necessary facilities you need for a great holiday. Phuket being such a small island you always can rent a car and drive to Patong for a fun night out or further south for a discovery day.

Phuket beach

The beach is an amazingly long and wide strip, well shaded by tall trees, and divided in two by a small rock formation. Walk beyond these rocks to reach an even more private area of Naithon. The sand is smooth, and swimming is excellent during the high season. Loungers, umbrellas and drinks are available as well as a small restaurant at the very south of Naithon.

Naithon Beach Phuket

There used to be more restaurants on the beach, but they are now gone. You can find quite a few sweet spots to enjoy good Thai food just across the street anyway.

What to Do on Naithon Beach

No jet skis or parasailing in sight yet, only a few longtails boats bobbing here and there and beach vendors are still discreet. Parking your car is always easy in the shade of trees anywhere along the beach. Across the road are bars, restaurants, a mini-mart and even a tailor and a dive shop.

Naithon Beach Phuket

The Beach

Naithon is one of Phuket incredible beach during high season, but it may look a little abandoned during low season. Just remember that swimming is not recommended (July to November).

Fruits display on Nai Thon beach

During the high season, Naithon has the rare charm of a small seaside town not yet invaded by tourism. Enjoy it while it lasts because things tend to change fast!

Banana Beach

Banana Beach Phuket Thailand

Banana Beach is a little hidden cove hiding from the crowd, not far from Naithon. It has remained relatively quiet because it is far from the main roads and a bit difficult to find and access, and most tourists are quite lazy when going to the beach requires an effort The beach is beautiful with soft white sand and clear blue water and is surrounded by tall coconut trees. There is a good local restaurant during high season. Read More ►

Naithon Noi is a little heavenly beach but it can only be accessed by the guests of the Andaman White Beach resort.

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Naithon Beach is also where you can find the popular Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. A place where you can feed the animals, bathe them and even scrub them.

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Where to Eat on Naithon

There are quite a few restaurants along the beach road of Naithon, plus two nice spots by the beach: Drift Beach Club and the casual Inthanin Naithon Restaurant.

Drift Beach Club

Drift Restaurant

Inthanin Naithon

Shameena Restaurant

Pru at Trisara

Pru at Trisara Phuket

Pru Restaurant at Trisara Phuket has become the first and only restaurant to receive a star from the new Michelin Guide. Michelin only arrived in Phuket in 2018, and the results were much anticipated. While a lot of restaurants around the island received BIBs and Plates from the Michelin Guide, being the only one with a star means a lot, but also raises the customers’ expectations quite a lot.

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Where to Stay on Naithon

There are quite a few small, affordable hotels all along the beach and you only have to cross the street to reach the sand. If you want something more sophisticated with amazing villas, great restaurants and a fantastic view, have a look at the popular Pullman Arcadia Naithon.

Pullman Arcadia Naithon

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon is a superb resort located on the still peaceful Naithon beach, a surprisingly beautiful beach away from any main road on the upper west coast of Phuket. The hotel is far from the usual crowds but not isolated and near a less known local life, making it an exciting starting point to enjoy what Phuket has to offer if you are not a party goer.

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Trisara Phuket

Trisara Phuket

If you can afford it, Trisara Phuket is one of the most exclusive resorts on the island and with a 1 Star Michelin restaurant, it comes at a staggering price.

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Andaman White Beach

Andaman White Beach on Naithon Noi Beach

A little further south of Naithon is the Andaman White Beach Club on the private Naithon Noi Beach, one of the most beautiful spots in Phuket.

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How to Get to Naithon

The easiest way to reach there is to drive to the airport and turn left at the T intersection just before entering it, then drive few kilometres and turn right at the signs pointing to ‘Andaman White Beach Resort’ and Trisara Phuket Resort. The closest beach not to miss is the hidden Banana Beach, just 3 kilometres away.

Naithon Beach Photos

Where is Naithon Beach?

FAQs about Naithon Beach

✳️ What is there to do in Naithon Beach?

a. Naithon doesn’t have much to offer but the beach is superb:

✳️ What are the best hotels around Naithon Beach?

a. Here are some of the most popular hotels in Naithon area:

✳️ Where to eat in Naithon?

a. There are a few restaurants in this area:

✳️ How Far is Naithon Beach from Phuket Town and Phuket Airport?

a. Naithon is 31 km from Phuket Town and 7 km from Phuket International Airport.

What’s around?

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