Banana Beach Phuket – The Last Secret Beach in Phuket

Banana Beach Phuket – The Last Secret Beach in Phuket
Banana Beach Phuket – The Last Secret Beach in Phuket
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Banana Beach

Banana Beach in Phuket – Phuket is a world famous holiday destination and every corner of this tiny tropical island has been explored, invaded, sold, developed and exploited. Yet the tiny Banana beach is hiding itself from the crowd, but it won’t last long.

banana-beach-mondayConsidering that Banana Beach is pretty large with shallow clear blue waters, large palm trees and an excellent sand quality, it is a mystery why it hasn’t been developed like the rest of the island. It’s not totally deserted though, a restaurant has been there as long as I can remember… which is almost two decades. They can serve you a great seafood lunch, probably caught no far from here. Price is a bit higher than other restaurants, but once you see them carrying everything down the hill, you’ll forgive them. Added to that, there are not many places in Phuket where you still can have a peaceful lunch on the beach with your feet in the sand in the shade of coconut trees!If you are lucky or if you planned well, it will be low tide, sky will be spotless and Banana Beach will then take its full splendour.

Such a great place to spend an afternoon, swimming is great, snorkeling is good and you can even get a beach chair and an umbrella. A couple of longtail boats are gently bobbing on the clear water…. and only a handful of lucky tourists are enjoying the privilege of ‘knowing’, what more can you ask for? In low season, it might feel a bit abandoned, but I still like to go down there, these are places that will changes sooner than later.

How to get there to Banana Beach

Banana Beach is pretty hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Just finding the road passing by its entrance is tricky for most visitors. The best way is to go to the airport, and when you are almost there, at the T-junction turn left instead of right as you would for Phuket Airport. Drive 2 or 3 km, then take the intersection on the right and follow the signs to Naithon Beach.

Drive through Naithon Beach (which by the way, is also a nice peaceful beach, worth a stop) pass the “Andaman White Beach Resort”, take few more curves but keep your eyes on the right hand side. Usually few bikes or cars will give you a hint, and if you are lucky, the sign ‘Banana Beach’ might still be there. If you reached the ‘Trisara Resort’ you didn’t pay enough attention, turn around and look harder.

Parking is scarce, but as there is not much traffic you should be safe parking on the road side. You’ll have to walk down a shaded hill, luckily not as steep as it used to be, and you will rewarded, the turquoise blue water appears through the trees: you have reached Phuket last secret beach.


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