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Hidden Phuket

Phuket hidden places

Best Hidden Beaches and Local Places in Phuket

Here is our collection of the most hidden beaches and local places in Phuket. They are not secret to the locals, but travellers often don’t have the time to explore such a rich island. We explored Phuket for almost 30 years, and surprisingly, we still discover little gems We are happy to share them with you… well, most of them ;)

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Secret Beaches of Phuket

18 Secret Beaches of Phuket

    There are still secret beaches in Phuket and some hidden and quiet spots, most of which are beautiful. Of course, some are difficult to find, but surprisingly many are in plain sight and easy to access.

    Bandara Villas in Ao Yon Beach, Phuket

    Bandara Villas Phuket

      Bandara Villas Phuket is a luxurious boutique resort located on the secluded Ao Yon Beach, in the Cape Panwa area, southeast of Phuket.

      Bon Island - Lunch at Bon Island Restaurant

      Bon Island Phuket 🏝️ Lunch at Koh Bon Restaurant

        Bon Island (or Koh Bon) is located just south of Rawai Beach in Phuket and is just a short longtail boat ride away. A few sandy beaches pepper the coast of this tiny island, and despite being so close to Phuket, it is not too busy with tourists.

        Ao Yon Beach in Phuket

        Ao Yon Beach ⛱️

          Ao Yon Beach is a surprisingly quiet and remote beach where you can have a calm walk and only meet locals and a few longtime residents.

          Green Heart Garden Kata Beach

          Green Heart Garden Kata Beach

            Green Heart Garden is a superb hidden restaurant perched high on the hills above Kata Beach and blessed with incredible panoramic views of the Andaman Sea.

            Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

            Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

              Samet Nangshe is a superb panoramic viewpoint in Phang Nga Bay. It’s a little far outside Phuket island, but if you have a car or a big bike, it is worth the drive. From up there, you can admire the fantastic limestone formations of Phang Nga Bay,

              Tri Trang Beach à Phuket

              Tri Trang Beach ⛱️

                Tri Trang Beach is just a few kilometres south of Patong Beach and is a superb and unsuspected haven of peace. There used to be a lot of confusion about the names of the four beaches around this peninsula.


                Kathu – What to do in Kathu?

                  Kathu is a small village and a small district, halfway between Phuket town and Patong Beach. The name of Kathu is not unknown, but very few people add it to their list of Things to Do in Phuket.