20 Amazing Hidden Places People Often Miss in Phuket

Hidden Phuket

Phuket Hidden Gems [toc] Surprisingly, there are still amazing places people miss entirely when visiting Phuket. And like most people, you want to visit Phuket, but you wish to see it from a less-known angle and discover places most people haven't heard of. Many would say there are no such places in Phuket anymore, but there are! After 28 years spent on Phuket Island, I found many more than you

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17 Secret Beaches of Phuket

Secret Beaches of Phuket

Where are the secret beaches of Phuket? [toc] There are still secret beaches in Phuket and some hidden and quiet spots, most of which are beautiful. Of course, some are difficult to find, but surprisingly many are in plain sight and easy to access. People are just not trying very hard to find them. Despite the permanent tourist complaints, more than ten beaches range from 'quiet' to 'deserted'. Most don't

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Tri Trang Beach Phuket ⛱️

Tri Trang Beach in Phuket

What to do on Tri Trang Beach? [toc] Tri Trang Beach is just a few kilometres south of Patong Beach and is a superb and unsuspected haven of peace. There used to be a lot of confusion about the names of the four beaches around this peninsula, namely Merlin Beach, Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach and Freedom Beach. In the past, Tri Trang was sometimes called 'Emerald Beach' or 'Crystal Beach'.

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Inthanin Naithon Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Phuket, by beaches

A hidden restaurant on Naithon Beach [toc] Inthanin Naithon is a delightful tiny restaurant hidden on the soft sands of the beautiful Naithon Beach, near Phuket International Airport. The place is hard to find, but it is worth the effort: first, the location right on the beach of the understated Naithon Beach is unique and enjoyable, and secondly, it is near the very popular Naithon staircase that has become so

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Krua Pai Lin Restaurant

Krua Pai Lin Restaurant Kathu

A local restaurant near Kathu Waterfalls [toc] Krua Pai Lin Restaurant (Sapphire) is a good and real local restaurant just before reaching the Kathu Waterfalls in Kathu, a great spot to stop over for a fun lunch after your little exploration. Krua Pai Lin is a typically local Thai restaurant; great to try something different and good, just the way Thai people like it. It was nothing fancy, just great

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Freedom Beach, a Hidden Beach in Phuket

Freedom Beach, Phuket Island

What is the secret of Freedom Beach? [toc] The beautiful and secluded Freedom Beach is an anomaly. It is one of the prettiest beaches in Phuket, with incredibly soft white sand and clear blue waters. It is just a few minutes away from Patong Beach, the busiest beach on the island and yet, it is surprisingly peaceful and quiet. So what is the secret of Freedom Beach? Freedom Beach Video

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Kathu, Phuket


What to do and where to eat in Kathu? [toc] Kathu is a small village and a small district, halfway between Phuket town and Patong Beach. The name of Kathu is not unknown, but very few people add it to their list of Things to Do in Phuket. The village of Kathu itself is not impressive, except maybe for a couple of temples, a few mural paintings and an annual

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Akoya Star Lounge at V Villas Phuket

Akoya Rooftop Bar in Ao Yon Beach, Phuket

Akoya Star Lounge at V Villas in Ao Yon Beach [toc] Akoya Star Lounge is an upmarket rooftop bar and tapas at V Villas Phuket by MGallery in Ao Yon Beach, a secluded cove in the southeast of Phuket. The place is new and packed every evening with Instagram and selfie lovers, so you need to book before going. Before we go any further, you also need to know that

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Phuket Plane Spotting – Where to See Planes Landing in Phuket?

Plane Spotting on Mai Khao Beach

Where to watch planes landing in Phuket? [toc] Plane spotting in Phuket just moved to our growing list of Best Things to Do in Phuket. Watching planes landing in Phuket has become a top-rated attraction in recent years. It’s easy, fun, super impressive, and with such a beautiful beach as a background, it is an excellent photo playground. So where is it? How do we go there? Is it allowed?

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Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach

Update 2022: Laem Singh is accessible by boat and now by land! [toc] Laem Singh beach is accessible again? Yes, it is now! Laem Singh Beach is one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches, but it was closed in April 2017. It looks excellent in any weather, like being in the Caribbean, a bit nostalgic, very green with palm trees leaning over the sand and now, you can have the beach

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Coconuts Café Phuket

Coconuts Cafe Phuket

A lovely hidden bakery in Chalong [toc] Coconuts Café is a lovely little bakery and restaurant hidden in a small lane of Chalong, in the south of Phuket Island. The coffee shop is a tiny house on stilts, with a garden surrounded by a vast green natural landscape and immense coconut trees. The interior, with apparent brick walls, is cosy and beautifully decorated with small coffee tables and comfortable sofas

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Heaven Rooftop Restaurant Phuket

Phuket Best Rooftop Bars

Heaven rooftop bar and restaurant [toc] Heaven Rooftop Restaurant is a little-known viewpoint terrace hidden below the famous Karon Viewpoint on the east coast of Phuket. Heaven Restaurant has a relaxed style usually found on beach clubs and is a great place to end the day with a sunset. Most importantly, it offers some pretty amazing views over the three bays of Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach

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Street Art in Phuket – Mural Paintings in Phuket Town

Mural Paintings and Street Art in Phuket Town

Mural paintings in Phuket Town and around [toc] Phuket street art is a collection of superb murals paintings by local and Thai artists all around Phuket Town. Some are easy to spot and others are well hidden. Walk around town and spot them, there are more than we share on this page but we will keep adding them as we discover them. Dibuk Road [caption id="attachment_8684" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Intersection of

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Phasom See Art Gallery, Cafe and Restaurant Phuket

Phasom See Cafe, Art Gallery and Restaurant Phuket

An art gallery in a restaurant near Rawai [toc] Phasom See is a hard-to-find little cafe, art gallery and restaurant hidden between Chalong and Rawai Beach. The food mostly consists of fusion dishes, beautifully presented and fun to photograph. The place is popular with a young crowd who enjoy taking selfies with fun decorations. This is a place locals visit with friends, take photos, admire, or buy some paintings while

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Endless Summer – Coffee Shop and Boutique in Phuket Town

Endless Summer Coffee Shop in Phuket Town

A beautiful heritage coffee shop in Phuket Town [toc] Endless Summer is a coffee shop and a fashion boutique in a magnificent heritage house on Yaowarat road, the heart of Phuket town. Anyone who walks in front of this beautiful mansion will stop for a photo without hesitation. However, even though it's effortless to find and close to most travellers' itineraries, many visitors miss it because most people rush straight

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Little Tiger Phuket Restaurant on Merlin Beach

Little Tiger on Merlin Beach in Phuket

Little Tiger Restaurant [toc] Little Tiger is a small and hidden restaurant with a superb view, perched on a hillside of Merlin Beach near Patong Beach. Even if you find this remote beach, you might have a hard time spotting Little Tiger, which is why the place is still quiet and peaceful. Once you found the beach, you might think that it looks a lot like a private beach for

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Wat Phra Nang Sang Temple in Thalang

Wat Phra Nang Sang

Wat Phra Nang Sang [toc] Wat Phra Nang Sang was built more than 200 years ago and was originally known as Wat Takian; and is one of the oldest Thai temples in Phuket. This unusual temple was built when Thalang was the main city of Phuket Island and even was the scene of a battlefield during the Burma war in 1785. For many years, Wat Phra Nang Sang was a

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Patong Sunset View Restaurant

Patong Sunset View restaurant

Thai food with a panoramic view of Patong Sunset [toc] Patong Sunset View Restaurant is a great spot to end the day with a nice dinner or even just a drink while enjoying one of Phuket famous sunsets. The restaurant is relatively small, but the terrace can welcome quite a few guests, and everything is very affordable. To make the best of your dinner, you should sit at the front

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Peang Prai Restaurant near Bang Pae Waterfall in Phuket

Piang Prai Restaurant

Peang Prai Restaurant Phuket [toc] Peang Prai Restaurant (Krua Piang Prai) is an excellent local venue in a green nest next to Bang Pae waterfall. Mostly unknown to tourists because of its remote location, Peang Prai is one of the two great places to have lunch if you happen to be in the area (the other restaurant being Bang Pae Seafood.) Peang Prai Restaurant is good; it's worth travelling to

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Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant Phuket

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant Mor Mu Dong received a 'Bib Gourmand' rating in the Phuket Michelin Guide. 'Bib Gourmand' means 'friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices. [toc] Mor Mu Dong is quite an unusual restaurant in Phuket. If you enjoy eating off the beaten tracks where mostly locals go for a great lunch or dinner, Mor Mu Dong is your place. Every Phuket resident knows it, and

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