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Hidden Phuket

Phuket hidden places

Best Hidden Beaches and Local Places in Phuket

Here is our collection of the most hidden beaches and local places in Phuket. They are not secret to the locals, but travellers often don’t have the time to explore such a rich island. We explored Phuket for almost 30 years, and surprisingly, we still discover little gems We are happy to share them with you… well, most of them ;)

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Private Beaches in Phuket

11 Amazing Private Beaches of Phuket

    Private beaches don’t exist in Phuket or Thailand, and that’s by law. However, people often call them private beaches because you can’t enter

    Splash Beach Club Phuket

    Splash Beach Club near Patong

      Splash Beach Club is a new spot hidden in a tiny creek not far from Patong Beach, between the beautiful Tri Trang and Paradise beach.

      Boon's Local Thai Restaurant in Phuket Town

      Boon Restaurant, a local gem near Phuket Town

        Boon is one of the most underrated local Thai restaurants in Phuket. It’s not fancy, the menu is not long, and lunch at Boon only costs a few baht, but the taste is unique. The restaurant is tiny, hard to spot, and so modest; we probably wouldn’t bother explaining to anyone how to go there. But after so many years, we realised that this place is very special to us: It’s what local Thai food is all about: simple, cheap, casual, and delicious.

        Baba Nest Rooftop Bar at Sri Panwa

        Baba Nest Rooftop Bar at Sri Panwa

          Baba Nest at Sri Panwa Hotel is the ultimate rooftop bar in Phuket. It is built high above Phuket Aquarium on the remote Cape Panwa, southeast of Phuket Island.

          Doi Thepnimit Patong Phuket

          Wat Thepnimit Phuket near Patong Beach

            Wat Thepnimit Phuket is a monastic residence with a fantastic panoramic view over Patong beach. You can see its iconic white pagoda from the beach, if you know in which direction to look, of course, it’s pretty tiny.

            Three Monkeys Restaurant in Phuket

            Three Monkeys Restaurant Phuket

              Three Monkeys restaurant is set in the Jungle somewhere between Phuket Town and Chalong, part of the popular Hanuman World Zipline attraction.

              Romsai Restaurant Phuket

              Romsai Restaurant near Kamala Beach

                Romsai is a little restaurant well hidden from view, with a beautiful view of the sea and a nearby beach. Serving local Thai food for lunch, definitely has a fun mood, feeling like being far from Phuket.

                Sabai Corner Restaurant

                Sabai Corner Restaurant Phuket

                  Sabai Corner is a beautiful Thai restaurant hidden in Phuket, not far from Kata Noi Beach. Only a few dedicated travellers will find it or try to find it. The food is good without being exceptional, but you will discover the magnificent panoramic view of the nearby sea.