Trisara Phuket – Private Pool Villas in Phuket

Trisara Phuket – Private Pool Villas in Phuket
Trisara Phuket – Private Pool Villas in Phuket
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Trisara Phuket

Trisara Phuket is the ultimate romantic resorts in Phuket, one of the best way to enjoy our tropical paradise island. All 39 villas in Trisara Phuket are designed to trap you in comfort so you will want to stay and and enjoy every minute of it. Large spacey rooms with oversized beds, bright and large bathrooms, all the features you can expect from a five star resort, and best of all, each villa comes with amazing infinity pools. My favorite. I didn’t have the chance to get the biggest villa, but I was more than comfortable with the Pool View Room. So add to this a great service and in-villa dining, this is so perfect for honeymoon, relaxation far from your crazy city life, or even for some: a place to work.


Yes, I like to go to such places to also concentrate on new ideas and projects. Just picture yourself sitting by your pool under a white umbrella, glass in hand, facing the sea and feeling the breeze. Nothing to distract you from your train of thoughts… companies should offers such stays to their creative staff! 😀

Once you get tired of doing… nothing, Trisara Spa is also very well known in Phuket for the quality of their treatment and unique atmosphere. If you feel the urge to move, the sea facing fitness is very attractive, and an instructor can also help you or advice you.

Then it’s dinner time by the seafront… this and breakfast are the highlights of the day. Maybe it was just right when I stayed there, but the sun set exactly inline with the center of our table. My compliments to the management. Food is good and price goes of course with the standard of the hotel. (Always makes me smile when some expect a fried rice to cost as must as in a local shack). The bars and outdoor areas at Trisara Phuket are vast yet cozy, and sitting outside to chit chat for hours while the light declines on the horizon is priceless.

The beach in front of Trisara Phuket isn’t impressive, but the seafront pool is large and very welcoming if your private one isn’t enough anymore! And since you came for peace and tranquility, you happen to be just near some of the most beautiful and least known beaches of Phuket. Naithon beach, very nearby is very large with many small bars and restaurants… never crowded. Banana Beach is the ‘last secret beach of Phuket’ small but beautiful.


Even closer is Naithon Noi is the second most amazing beach on the island, just after the ‘Relax Beach’ of Le Meridien Resort. Naithon Noi is a ‘restricted access’ beach for the Andaman White Beach Resort, however, if you really want to walk on the white sands of that dreamlike bay, just go for a drink and you are in!

And of course nothing is easier for the hotel than to organize taxis and transfers or car rentals for you to explore other parts of Phuket or Phang Nga, and at least once, you might want to go and experience the famous Patong Nights! Read more about Trisara Phuket.

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