Burasari Phuket in Patong Beach

Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket [toc]Burasari Phuket has always been a popular hotel, with great features for travellers looking for a really convenient accommodation in Patong Beach. While Burasari doesn’t come with sea view or beach front access, it clearly offers the right balance and great value for money, and the long popularity

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Renaissance Phuket Resort

Renaissance Phuket

Renaissance Phuket Resort [toc]Renaissance Phuket is one of most luxurious resorts in Mai Khao Beach, an unspoiled endless strip of sand in the northern part of Phuket. So forget crowded beaches and tourist frenzy! Despite the common belief that Phuket is a busy tourist island, there are some striking beaches

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The Surin Phuket


The Surin Phuket [toc] The Surin Phuket is a beautifully designed hotel with a long history and an amazing location on Pansea beach in Phuket. It's also one of the first luxury hotels on the island. The name of the resort is a little confusing: it's called 'The Surin' but

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