Rimpan Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Rimpan Seafood is a small but great local restaurant hidden in plain sight in the north of Phuket Island, near the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. Just like the Sri Sunthorn reclining Buddha, thousand people drive past Rimpan without noticing such a great place sits right here.

Rimpan Seafood is an old-fashioned restaurant right by the clear sea. There used to be plenty restaurant like this 2 decades ago: A few bamboo huts sitting on the sand under the coconut trees with a cool quiet breeze coming from the bay. It’s not a great swimming beach as it may be a little rocky but you can walk in the water.

The view from the bamboo huts is beautiful and adds to the unique relaxing atmosphere. On the left is a small Haad Phra Pak beach, which is on the Phuket side. On the opposite side of the bay you see the sandy shores of the mainland of Thailand. On your right is the high Sarasin bridge connecting Phuket to the mainland. (Now you have enough information to find Rimpan seafood restaurant!)

The atmosphere is relaxing and the food is very local, a chance to try some Phuket specialities (see below). Prices are really affordable, but of course we all know that nothing is cheap anymore in Phuket. However, the further you are from Patong Beach, the cheaper it gets.

We went for a casual Sunday lunch and found the place so perfect, time seemed not to be important anymore. What was supposed to be a 1 hour lunch naturally stretched to a 2 hours relaxing break.

What to eat at Rimpan Seafood

The food is surprisingly authentic and really good! This is not the kind of place that adapts their food to the tourist taste.

They even prepare Yum Kai Mang Da Talay, my favorite dish, which is not easy to find and not for beginners either. Yum Kai Mang Da Talay is a spicy horseshoe crab eggs with a grated mango salad, not for the faint hearted (250 baht).

As I have been here so long I tend to favour real local dishes most travellers would not even consider. Here are some of them and they were delicious.

  • Yum Kai Mang Da Talay (250 baht)
  • Chakachan Tod : those deep fried sea cicadas are not easy to find and look like shrimps cross-bred with fat little crabs (130 baht).
  • Poh Taek is a delicious sour fish soup with a smokey taste (160 baht).
  • Hoy Chak Teen are some local shells you eat with a spicy sour sauce (150 baht).
  • Pak Miang in Coconut Milk Soup with Prawn is great to cool down from spicy food (150 Baht).
  • A big Singha cost 65 baht.

The team is nice and the cooks are friendly. The kitchen is basic to the extreme, worth having a lookat it. Wooden walls and 2 stoves on a bare concrete floor. It’s all about the chef’s skills!

There you have it. You will need wheels to get there as a Tuk Tuk would cost you quite a bit. The parking and the entrance of the restaurant are on the left of the bridge, just before you leave the island. To reach the restaurant you will need to walk down a small rickety wooden ladder. Not recommended if you have mobility problems.

The Sarasin Bridge
The Sarasin Bridge

Rimpan Seafood restaurant Phuket

Rimpan Seafood

ริมพาน ซีฟู้ด (Rimpan Seafood)
Below Sarrasin Bridge
Tel: 083 647 1147

Rimpan Seafood Map

Rimpan Seafood Restaurant Phuket
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