Bang Pae Seafood

Bang Pae Seafood
Bang Pae Seafood
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Bang Pae Seafood

Bang Pae Seafood is a great local restaurant. It is not so easy to find it, and yet it is very popular on weekends with a mix of Thai, expats and some tourists brought by local friends. It is becoming difficult to recommend restaurants in Phuket as there are so many, but very few can fulfill both our requirements: good food and nice atmosphere. Something you want to remember and talk about once back home.

Bang Pae Seafood

The food is great at Bang Pae Seafood , the place is very basic but nice, a good choice for an easy going Sunday lunch. What makes us come back is also the setting, right on the edge of the mangrove with the open sea in the background. Bang Pae Seafood can get busy and yet there is a sense of peace, and time seems to slow down.

Bang Pae Seafood

When we go there, we always go for the blue crabs as there is no pressure to eat fast, and so far it’s the best blue crab on the island, followed by the ones served at Kan [email protected].

Bang Pae Seafood excel at another of our favourite but not well known dish called ‘Poh Tae’ which literally means ‘Exploded fisherman’s basket’ probably explained by all the ingredients added to it. It is a kind of Tom Yam, spicy and sour from lime, but it doesn’t use and chili paste that make the usual Tom Yam red. I won’t have to list all the great seafood listed on the menu, but there is more that you can dream of.

Bang Pae Seafood

As mentioned in a previous story, a good way to wrap a half day in Bang Pae area is to start with the Bang Pae Waterfall, then stop at the Elephant Camp on the way back. You can’t miss it as we will have to drive pass it, then end you visit at Bang Pae Seafood for lunch.

How to get to Bang Pae Seafood. On the way back from waterfall, turn left when reaching the main road, just passed the Bang Pae Elephant Camp. Drive 100m meters and look on the right, you will see a large red sign pointing to a small road. Take this road, and just drive all the way to the very end, you can’t miss it.

  bang-pae-kitchen mangrove-in-phuket phuket-mangrove

Steamed blue crab – Poo Ma
Thai-style vegetable salad – Yam Pak Good
Local fish curry + coconut shoot – Kaeng Som
Seafood spicy soup – Poh Tak


Bang Pae Seafood Location Map

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