Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant – Phuket

Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant – Phuket
Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant – Phuket
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Kan Eang @ Pier Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Kan Eang @ Pier is trendy without being pretentious, shady and breezy with seaview, original, affordable with great service. This is how in few words, I would best describe Kan [email protected] It would not even be necessary to elaborate on that, but since this is another of my favourite seafood restaurants in Phuket, I will. It’s far from home, but we still drive the distance for a lazy Sunday lunch or to share a good Thai dining experience with overseas friends, even for business diners. Popular since decades, Kan Eang, meaning ‘Feel at Ease’ has a long history.


It was once a very small local restaurant which popularity never ceased growing, to the point that another Kan Eang II was built next to the first. Much later, one of the two restaurants was entirely rebuilt and success was immediate. Kan Eang @ Pier had everything right, having enough tables set under huge trees, right next to the sea with a view on nearby island, allows guests to get a seafront table almost every time. Add to that one of the best seafood on the island and a smiling efficient service (in good English). What more can you ask? Originality? The menu has some few fun things to try, such as Mang Da Talay (prehistoric looking horse shoe crab) and some personal creations (Very good water chestnut coconut ice cream), then I don’t need to list all the fresh seafood you can expect on Phuket such as huge lobsters and giant prawns.


What do we like? Homok (spicy steamed fish mousse in Banana leaves), Hua Plee (Banana flower salad with prawns), Water cress tempura, the best blue crabs in Phuket, local Oysters, chicken in Pandanus leaves, and the list could go on.

The place is large but remains cozy and often accommodates private parties and even wedding parties at the far end. Several air con buildings can receive dinners if rains starts, and a band plays a soft Jazz music in the background.

How to get to Kan Eang @ Pier:

Very simple, drive south direction ‘Chalong’ and at the famous Chalong ‘Traffic Jam’ Circle, turn left direction the pier and drive straight all the way. You’ll find several signs to guide you. Near the restaurant, security guards will help you parking, and space is always available.

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Kan [email protected] is #17 on the map – (Kang Eang 2 is #18) – View Phuket Map in a larger map

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