Hor Mok Talay (Fish Mousse)

Hor Mok Talay (Fish Mousse)
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Hor Mok Talay (Fish Mousse)

Hor Mok Talay is not exactly a Phuket or Southern Thailand’s specialty, but the specific type and taste of Hor Mok you can find in Southern Thailand is Phuket style. Central Thailand has its own version Southern style has a greater aroma with a smooth taste and texture.

Hor Mok is made of coconut milk, chili paste, fish and some secret ingredients all put together in banana leaf and steamed or grilled.

Hor Mok Talay

If you travel to Phuket and really want to try this delicious and unique specialty, you can order it in almost any seafood restaurant, but beware, It can be really spicy in some local places! See where are the 10 Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket.

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