Racha Island and The Racha Resort

What to Do on Racha Island?

Racha Island (also called Raya island) is a great snorkelling and diving site located just 12 kilometres south of Phuket. The island is so small it can only accommodate three resorts: The Racha Phuket Resort is a real luxury hideaway, Baan Raya Resort and the modest Bungalow Raya Resort. Believe it or not, even people living in Phuket need to get away from it all once in a while, and find another little piece of paradise.

Racha Island
The Racha Resort



Luckily we don’t need to go too far, a two hour (slow) boat ride and here is Racha Island, a small pearl in the ocean. This tiny island is very well known from divers as a clear dive site, especially for beginners like me. I did my first dive there, and even without prior dive, the experience was fantastic.

Racha Island Resort

By twelve meters deep, the water was crystal clear; I felt like flying effortlessly above a surreal landscape! Gently drifting just a meter above corals formations full of life, fishes flying above and below and other divers in the far, it was simply amazing, and a lot easier than I anticipated. It was just a diving day trip on a course called ‘Discover Scuba Diving‘, and when I saw Racha Island from the boat, I promised myself to go back and spend a weekend on it.

Racha Island resort on Racha Island

And we did go back. We had to work on a complicated project and needed absolute concentration and no computers around. Racha Island was just what we needed: a tropical island with nothing else to distract us but the tropical blue sea, a white powdery sand beach, a fantastic sunset, some great food by the beach. Ultimately, it was quite distracting!

The Racha on Koh Racha

We rode a speedboat to Racha Island, and on arrival, the beach looked so inviting, even with the many dive boats anchored for their day dive.

The Racha Resort

A wobbly floating pontoon took us to the beach and from there straight to a beautiful open-air lobby. Our room was large and lovely, but we spent very little time in it. The Racha Resort consists of seventy villas and pools suites, three restaurants and a beautiful spa. Our room didn’t have a private pool, but we spent most of our time by the main one and on the beach anyway. Believe it or not, the work we thought would take us the whole weekend was wrapped in just a few hours!

Koh Racha

So the rest of the time was just for us to explore the tiny island, enjoy great seafood dinner on the beach. Watching fabulous sunsets on a tropical island is the best thing you can dream of. Work done, a glass of wine in hand, both of us staring at the sky full of stars on a small paradise island in Thailand.

Sunset on Racha Island

Photos of Racha Island

the-racha-thailand the-racha-resort-dinner the-racha-resort-thailand

Racha Island Information

Distance from Phuket: 12 km
Main island: Ko Racha Yai
Main hotel: The Racha Resort
Activities: Snorkeling, scuba diving

Racha Island Location Map

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