One Chun Restaurant Phuket

One Chun Restaurant Phuket
One Chun Restaurant Phuket
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One Chun Restaurant Phuket Town

One Chun Restaurant Phuket (One Chun means ‘Monday’) is a great Thai restaurant in Phuket town and its growing popularity is the result of combining all the right ingredients. Serving an uncompromising southern Thai cuisine, it succeeds in pleasing not only travellers, but more importantly locals who are not easy to impress when it comes to their own food! The young owner Khun Prang found the right formula: great food, good price, fun atmosphere, great service, good location. One Chun Phuket is fun and cozy with a relaxing ‘family and friends’ atmosphere and a special mention should be made about the creative retro decor. The brick walls are covered with old clocks, vintage radios, old television sets from the 60s and even an old cinema camera.


But ultimately, what matters most is still the food! We went to One Chun several times: this is the real deal, Thai food as it should be. When your order, the staff will ask you how spicy do you like it but make no mistake, for some dishes known to be fierce, if you say ‘I like it really spicy because I’m no beginner and I’m a real man!’ get ready for a blast. You just have to see how many locals enjoy the place to know this is the right place when it comes to southern food.


We ordered all kinds of specialties but if you need help here are some of the dishes we enjoyed as you can see on the photos:

  • Pak Miang Koong Siab Pad Khai – Stir fried local green leaves with dried shrimps and egg (150 baht)
  • Kang Poo – curry crab (280 Baht, which a lot cheaper than it neighbour Raya House)
  • Pla Tod Nam Pla + Yum Mamuang – Deep fried red snapper with mango spicy salad (60 baht per 100 grams)
  • Tuna Foo + Yum Mamuang – Deep fried crispy Tuna fish with mango spicy salad (120 Baht, recommended)
  • Moo Kua Klue – Deep fried pork belly with salt (120 Baht)
  • Another dish we really loved: Tom Khlong Pla Gao – spicy soup with grouper fish… (150 baht)
  • One of the best selling dish is the Kam Poo Pad Manao – Stir Fried Crab with lime sauce, served with brown rice or rice berry (250 baht).

 Anyway, if you are lost or curious, staff speaks enough English to help you ordering and will suggest some dishes you as they did for me.


There is of course a lot lot more on the menu than what we listed here, best is to just let your appetite do the thinking as we always do, but remember: don’t always pick the things you already know, be daring! It’s more fun and maybe just like me, you might discover here your new favourite dish!

On Sunday, the location is very convenient as it is exactly where the new Phuket Walking Stwalkingreet Market starts at the intersection of Thalang Road and Thepkasattri Road. This is perfect for a nice dinner before moving to the market or after a day of walking exploration of Phuket Town. Just know that if you drive a car, be aware that the parking space around the restaurant is very limited on Sundays so you can try to park in the perpendicular street ;).

One Chun Phuket

Address: 48/1 Thepkasatree Road
Open: 10 am – 10 pm daily
Tel: 076-355 909

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One Chun Restaurant Location Map

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