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Phuket Town

Soi Romanee in Phuket Town

Soi Romanee in Phuket Town

    Soi Romanee, in the historical centre of old Phuket town, is a short street with a long and colourful history. Today it is home to souvenir shops, fancy ice cream parlours and small but posh guesthouses.

    Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel

    Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel Phuket

      Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel Phuket’s whitewashed façade and baskets of bougainvillaea flowers give it a fresh, inviting look before you even step inside.

      House of Tin Baron Restaurant

      House of Tin Baron

        House of Tin Baron is a new Thai restaurant coming soon in Phuket Town, set in a beautifully renovated Sino-Portuguese heritage house.

        Aungku Phuket Cafe in Old Phuket Town

        Aungku Phuket Cafe

          Aungku Phuket is a new cafe that literally popped up in a couple of months at the intersection of two famous streets of the Old Phuket Town: Thalang Road Soi Romanee.

          Old Phuket Town Photos

          Old Phuket Town Photos

            These Photos of Phuket Old Town were taken around the famous Thalang Road, but also Dibuk Road, Soi Romanee, Phang Nga Road and all around was considered the historical heart of Phuket Town.

            The Memory at On On Hotel in Phuket Town

            The Memory at On On Hotel in Phuket Town

              The Memory at On On Hotel is undoubtedly the most iconic and best-known heritage hotel on Phuket Island, and this is for a few reasons. Built in 1927 and called Un Un Hotel at the time, the hotel possesses a strong Sino-Portuguese personality in a very central location on Phang Nga Road, the heart of Phuket Old Town.

              Best Budget Hotels in Phuket Town

              11 Best Cheap Hotels in Phuket Town

                Finding a good, cheap hotel in Phuket town is very easy and there are many to choose from. On our page, we list the most beautiful ones, often set in renovated Sino-Portuguese shophouses