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Bang Mud Floating Restaurant

Bang Mud Seafood Restaurant

Bang Mud is one of the 3 floating restaurants on the east coast of Phuket island, just between cape Laem Hin and Coconut island (Koh Maphrao). Floating restaurants are a fun and memorable way to enjoy a lunch with a view or a dinner with a sunset. They are made of several huge floating rafts attached together with little wooden huts built on top. You can choose to eat like locals on the floor or at normal tables. It’s quite basic but that’s what makes its charm. The views of the narrow sea between Phuket and Coconut islands combined with the cool breeze make it a very enjoyable experience.

Bang Mud Floating Restaurant

What to Eat

bang mud crab

The food is good and obviously fresh since the fish are kept in nets between rafts. You can see the cook come and go to pick up the seafood. The blue crab is always one of our favourites and you should try it if you are too a crab lover. It’s very easy to open and the meat is surprisingly sweet and fresh.

bang mud phuket

Pick a big fish and have it cooked the way you like it (photos on the menu are very useful for that) steamed, grilled or deep-fried. Order one of their soups (they have a lot more than the classic Tom Yam or Tom Ka) and you’ll have a perfect meal! Just remember that Bang Mud is a Muslim restaurant and therefore they don’t serve alcohol.


How to get there

bang mud restaurant

Being on the east coast, Bang Mud is far from Patong, Kata or Karon, about 20 kilometres or 30 minutes drive on a good day. It’s a nice place to go if you have your own wheels, ideally a car but it’s feasible by motorbike too. Sure, any tuk-tuk will take you there, but you will need to ask him to wait for you for the return, Laem Hin is on the west coast. Once you reach it, there is a dedicated (paying) parking. From there, walk to the short pier where you will easily spot all the longtail boats. Just say the name of the restaurant and someone will wave at you. The ride is short, safe, fun and free!

bang mud floating restaurant

The boat will drop you at the restaurant and another one will pick you up after dinner. Giving a small tip the pilot is a nice gesture, even just 20 baht.

The Verdict

Mag Mud is good but is not our favourite. However, it is a nice change if you have been to Kruvit Seafood or Laem Hin Seafood before or if you need to eat Halal food. You have to keep in mind that all the floating restaurants are a bit more expensive than local seafood around the island as everything just is carried by boat.

Bang Mud Restaurant Photos

Bang Mud Restaurant Info

Location: 73 Laem Hin Road, Ko Maprao, Phuket
Open: 10 am – 8 pm – Daily
Phone: 081 273 2367

Bang Mud Floating Restaurant Map

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