Tu Kab Khao Thai Restaurant in Phuket Town

Tu Kab Khao is a popular Thai restaurant in Phuket town serving great southern Thai food, a chance to try their selection of dishes typical from Phuket. Tu Kab Khao is the name given to a small closet every Thai house had long time ago to keep the food safe from ants and flies for the next meal. The feet of that closet were placed in a bowl of water to keep the ants away. (see photo at the end).

To make your lunch or dinner even more attractive, the restaurant is set inside an old heritage house just facing the beautiful ’Shrine of The Serene Light’ on Phang Nga road, the heart of the Old Phuket Town. It’s a nice opportunity and it feels rather special but it’s not as expensive as it may look.

It’s quite easy to spot the restaurant since there is a gigantic lobster hanging on one of the corner of the house, like a gigantic insect eating the concrete. It was probably added so people would say precisely that: “It’s that restaurant with that weird lobster hanging on the side!”… and it certainly works

The decor inside Tu Kab Khao restaurant is elegant without being overly sophisticated: velvet sofas, arched doors and draped curtains. The staff is very friendly and efficient, and can answer even difficult question about local cuisine and ingredients. Even though it looks rather expensive at first the prices are just right and it is quite affordable.

Tu Kab Khao is large but as it’s divided in 5 smaller sections they manage to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. A great deal of effort was made to keep the old-fashioned decoration that goes really well after your exploration of the  heritage streets of the Phuket old town.

The food is authentic Thai and the large menu is quite well illustrated so you won’t have to struggle too much to select something nice. We visited twice in a row so we had the chance to try a lot of their dishes. If you are ready for real local Phuket food, just be aware that some dishes can be very spicy and pungent… this is a restaurant were local Thais go too!

Some of the many dishes we tried at Tu Kab Khao

  • Sen Mee Gaeng Poo (360 baht), a great crab in a curry with thin rice noodle, a classic here.
  • Gaeng Som Pla (180 baht) is some local fish in turmeric sauce that is sour and spicy, not for the beginners.
  • Pla Sai are small deep-fried fish in turmeric, always a local favourite but here too, not for the beginners since it’s small and hard to eat.
  • Big Prawns (240 baht) in a tamarin sauce are beautiful (bit sweet though).
  • Moo Hong Phuket (265 baht), a pork belly stew is also nice to enjoy.
  • Nam Prik Koong Siap (165 baht) is another dish Thai people love… it’s very healthy but not everyone likes uncooked veggies like green beans, eggplants and slices on ginger with a prawn paste.

Tu Kab Khao has a nice choice of local desserts but we were so full everyone just went for their delicious coconut ice cream.

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Tu Kab Khao Restaurant

Location: 8 Phang Nga Road, Phuket Town (that restaurant with the weird lobster hanging on the side)
Open: Daily 11 am – 12 am
Phone: 076 608 888

Tu Kab Khao Restaurant map

Tu Kab Khao Restaurant in Phuket Town
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