Best Country Beef Phuket Town

Best Country Beef Steakhouse Restaurant in Phuket Town

An excellent steak house in Phuket Town

Best Country Beef is the place to treat yourself if you are craving a perfectly cooked steak after a day of exploring Old Phuket Town. The restaurant is on Dibuk Road, in an old-fashioned house with a wooden facade that reminds a bit of an old Japanese shop. Inside is a long and welcoming dining room half occupied by the open kitchen. The choice of steaks is attractive, and while the prices may appear a little high at first, they are justified considering the quality of the meat.

Best Country Beef Phuket

For the beef, the chef will be happy to describe the many aged cuts available in the front glass fridge, mostly Thai Wagyu Beef from the northeast of Thailand. Thai Wagyu is a crossbreed between Japanese or Australian wagyu and the cuts are scored depending on their marbling, and prices somehow follow that marbling score.

We shared a 500 gr New York Steak 2-3 aged 45 days (1,450 baht) that was truly cooked to perfection, something that is not as easy as seems to find in Phuket. We also bought an excellent 45 day aged Rib-Eye scoring 11-22 to enjoy back home. At 280 baht, the Thai Wagyu burger is also a must-try!

If your friends are not meat lovers, the restaurant also serves fish, pasta and even Thai food. Everyone can find something delicious to enjoy for dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese (290 baht) or Carbonara (220 baht), Spaghetti Kang Poo (with local crab, 290 baht) or a good old beef basil fried rice (100 baht).

Best Country Beef Phuket is an excellent surprise in many ways. The tenderness of the meat, superb taste and perfect cooking are the key ingredients to the experience, but the location is also convenient if you spent the afternoon exploring Old Phuket Town. The restaurant is located on Dibuk Road, opposite Wat Mongkol Nimit and near the famous Romanee Street, where people love to take selfies.

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Best Country Beef Phuket Info

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 7 Dibuk Road, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Open: 4 pm – 11 pm
Phone: 089 513 7334
Price: affordable

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