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Wanlamun Phuket – Sweet Shop in Phuket Town

Best Dessert Shop in Phuket Town

Wanlamun is the most popular Thai sweets and Thai desserts restaurant in Phuket Town. The restaurant has been open for decades and serves an astonishingly large choice of local sweets you probably didn’t even know existed. When it comes to Thai desserts in Phuket, most travellers think about banana pancakes and mango sticky rice, but you won’t even find them at Wanlamun.

Wanlamun Sweet Shop in Phuket Town

Instead, this is your chance to experience a long list of delicious dishes Thai people love. Sit down and browse the illustrated menu, it is so much fun to try something new when travelling overseas, and everything is sweet and delicious.

Wanlamun Phuket

The restaurant is busy and the atmosphere always on the happy side, just the way it should be when everyone is here to enjoy sweets. The walls are covered with the many items you can order, and you can tune your dessert if you feel like mixing the many ingredients displayed on several counters in front of the shop.

What to order

Wanlamun Phuket has a surprisingly large amount of staff, so you will always be attended to very quickly, but without pressure. Here are some of the sweets we tried but keep visiting this page as we will go back and try some more!

Bua Loi (บัวลอย)

wanlamun dessert restaurant 7

Bua Loi means ‘floating water lily’, and consists of rice flour rolled into tiny balls in coconut milk and sugar.

Tubtim Krob Salim Ice Cream Kati (ทับทิมกรอบซ่าหริ่มไอศครีมกะทิพรีเมียม)

wan la moon dessert 1

This fun and unusual looking treat is served in a metal pot. It is a colourful mix of water chestnut pearl (Tub Tim Krob), sweet colourful vermicelli (Sali) and coconut milk ice cream served in coconut milk. Aroi mak! (Delicious!)

Kluay Kai Chuem (กล้วยไข่เชื่อม)

wanlamun dessert restaurant 5

A delicious sweetened golden banana in coconut milk! Simple but so good!

Tow Huay Nom Sod (เต้าฮวยนมสด)

wan la moon dessert

Tow Huay Nom Sod is made of soybean curd (tofu pudding) with fresh milk.

Saku Katee (สาคูกะทิ)

wanlamun dessert restaurant 4

These sago seeds in sweet coconut milk dessert is a bit surprising at first, but it’s really good with a fun consistency.

Look Chok Nom Sod (ลูกชกนมสด)

Look Chok Nom Sod (ลูกชกนมสด)

Look Chok Nom Sod is an interesting and unusual dessert. Look Chok is from the palm family. Each tree takes 15-30 years to produce fruits and it produces fruits only once in its lifetime. For the rest of its lifetime, it will be only flowers. People cook the whole branch with hot water or bbq it before they remove the meat (the white thing) to reduce sticky glue in it. In each fruit, there are 3 white pieces used for this dessert. The picture shows Look Chok in sweet milk but it could be just in syrup, or change colour into purple by using butterfly pea flower. The taste depends on the cooking way as Look Chok itself has no taste, just texture, chewing, soft, gummy.

Oh-Aew (โอ๊ะเอ๋ว)

wanlamun dessert restaurant 1

Oh-Aew is a traditional Phuket iced dessert made from banana jelly and red beans all in syrup and shaved ice on the side.

Thai desserts rotate a lot around coconut milk, sticky rice, water chestnuts, jelly made from grass and served in multiple forms and of course the versatile banana. Visitors from non-Asian countries are often surprised to find red beans or corn in their shaved ice, but that is the fun of travelling! Trying things you never tried and open your mind to new experiences.

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Wanlamun Phuket Info

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 95 6-7 Phuket Rd, Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Open: 11 am – 11 pm
Phone: 092 673 1333
Price: cheap
Specialities: local and Thai sweets

Wanlamun Phuket Map

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