Gaetana Italian Restaurant

Gaetana Italian Restaurant
Gaetana Italian Restaurant
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Gaetana Italian Restaurant

One of the best and longest established Italian restaurants in Phuket, well known and recommended by all long time residents and Thais, Gaetana ranks very high in our Top 10 romantic restaurants. It’s not about the view, it is not about the location, but all about Gaetana’s excellent cuisine and very cozy atmosphere. Gianni and his wife Ake came long ago and transformed an anonymous building in a beautiful restaurant with a warm atmosphere, and lots of personal attention to details. Designed with an artistic but simple hand made paintwork, it is not pretentious and yet, feels sophisticated.


And of course, at the end of the day, it is all about the food. Lamb, fish, Osso Buco are just delicious and even simple things such as pasta are just great. The menu is long enough to please everyone, but don’t miss the specials of the day. Whatever you choose from the menu or from the blackboard on the wall, you are in for a treat and if you still can’t decide, do as I do: ask Gianni to suggest something, he always get it right, and the same goes for the wine!


The restaurant is divided in two rooms, the main room with air con, and the second room without air con, usually kept for the ones who forgot to book, like me. So space being limited and popularity rather high, it comes with a price… But if you save this for a special occasion, you certainly won’t regret it.A little advice about the parking: It is almost impossible to find a place near the restaurant as it is located on the very busy ‘Phuket Road’, but it is perfectly fine to park at the ‘Bang Neow Chinese Shrine’ across the street (number 23 blue on the map below). Gaetana is closed on Wednesday, and reservations are strongly recommend at 076 250 523 or mobile: 081 397 1227.Located on 352 Phuket Road, opposite Bang Neow Shrine, not far from Robinson Shopping Mall.PS. sorry for the lack of food photos, we ate it all before I remembered to take some! 😀 (which is obviously a cheap excuse to go back)

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Gaetana is #33 on Phuket Map

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