The Charm Restaurant in Phuket Town
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The Charm Phuket, Thai Restaurant on Dibuk Road in Phuket Town

The Charm Phuket

The Charm Phuket restaurant opened in a century old Thai house of Phuket Town. The location on Dibuk road is the perfect way to end your exploration if you decide to spend a day wandering the old streets. The food is an excellent choice of southern Thailand and typical Phuket dishes and the price is right, a perfect final touch to your historical tour.

Lined on both sides with old shop houses and old mansions, Dibuk road is a beautiful street worth walking along. The municipality buried the old electric cables and all the houses are renovated, displaying colourful facades.

The Charm Restaurant Phuket

The Charm Phuket is a century old typical shop house renovated to keep it as close as possible to the original house. It really feels like being invited to someone’s house, somewhere in the past. The restaurant is divided in several small rooms with a small entrance, the way they all were at the time. The furniture, table settings, floor tiling and decoration are superb and fit the atmosphere. They even kept the traditional indoor well that was kept in a central open air area.

The team is very welcoming and the atmosphere casual, you will instantly feel at home. Don’t hesitate to walk around to take photos, it’s worth it. You will probably be invited to visit the second floor which displays the same spirit of old Phuket.

What to Order and Prices

We started with a delicious Gang Moo Sapparod (Pork and pineapple in curry, 160 baht), followed with a Moo Tao-ew (Pork Belly with soya sauce, 200 baht), Soup Pla Ar-Ma (Fish Soup, 250 baht), Look Chin Pla (Fish Balls, 180 baht), Pad Tua Ngok Pla Kem (Soya beans with salted dry fish, 140 baht) and a Som Tum Koey (Papaya Salad with shrimp paste, 120 baht) that most people might find quite pungent. We ordered a lot more but we were so busy enjoy the food and the place, we even forgot to take notes! Anyway we already planned a second visit so we’ll be a little less distracted next time.

Gang Moo Sapparod (Pork and pineapple in curry)

The list of Phuket dishes is long and tempting so everyone should find something to try. Just remember that food in Thailand is meant to be shared so order something you like and let everyone enjoy it!

 Photos of The Charm Restaurant

The Charm Phuket

Location: 93 Dibuk Road, Phuket Town
Open: 11am – 10pm
Phone: 096 998 9244

The Charm Restaurant Map

The Charm Phuket, Thai Restaurant on Dibuk Road in Phuket Town
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