After Beach Bar Phuket

After Beach Bar Phuket
After Beach Bar Phuket
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After Beach Bar in Kata Noi

After Beach Bar is apparently a modest looking place with a strong reggae identity found just passed Kata Noi Beach on the way to Nai Harn Beach. Seen from the road it is rather a shabby looking bar with thatched roofs, but After Beach Bar is known to have one of the most amazing panoramas on the island, a superb bird’s eye view on the pristine blue bay of Kata Noi Beach.


 After Beach Bar (and its two twin neighbours ’Small View Point’ and ‘Baan Chom Restaurant’) is not much more than a huge wooden platform built on precarious wood sticks against a steep hill but it has been famous for more than a decade, if not two. If you walk around and see how it’s done, you might want to step away from the edge, but in the morning light or when the sun sets you will forget to worry and just sit there in awe.

After Beach is of course a bar and a restaurant but also a rustic shop selling an eclectic collection of Rasta paintings, handmade necklaces, tee shirts and woolen hats with the three official yellow, red and green Rasta colours, the whole thing frequently embellished with the inevitable cannabis leaf and everywhere a generous dose of Bob Marley.


If reggae is not your thing it won’t really matter… what we all go to After Beach Bar for is the large terrace looking down a green hill onto the fascinating blue colour of the Andaman Sea or a glorious golden sunset… With a chilled beer or coconut in hand and some timeless reggae music playing in the background, this is as good as it gets.

The food is good without being exceptional and prices are fair considering the unique location. Service is not worth mentioning and varies with the weather, but ultimately, you won’t care much, you are just here for the views 🙂



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