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10 Best Party Places for New Year’s Eve in Phuket 2018

New Year’s Eve in Phuket

What are the Best Party Places for New Year’s Eve in Phuket is the big question coming up soon. This is a day like no other and this is the place to be! Phuket is pretty much party all year round so you can expect some serious happening all around the island. Every hotel will have a gala dinner with some poolside entertainment and main beaches will see fireworks. Places where people party all year round will have to deliver something even bigger, a party you will never forget. Nightclubs and Beach clubs will blast the countdown and party will be wild all night long. This is the night you want to remember!

1. Anywhere in Bangla Road

Patong Beach

Bangla Road

Bangla is party central all year round so this famous street will be crowded. Every bar gets full and the atmosphere is unique to this night. If you don’t have a plan for New Year, just walk up and down until you spot a bar or a club that talks to you. It’s absolutely not sophisticated or romantic. It’s loud, colourful, messy and 100% party animal. If you come for a wild night this might be your best bet. Read more about Bangla

2. New Year’s Eve in Paradise Beach

Near Patong Beach

Phuket Full Moon Party

Paradise beach is Phuket’s answer to the famous Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. This little cove is a little tropical beach by day, and a huge dance floor by night. Loud music, lots of lights and good international DJ’s make sure your night is unforgettable. There is an entrance fee for parties, probably higher for New Years Eve than on full moon parties. Technically it becomes an immense outdoor club surrounded by coconuts trees. There is a free shuttle to take you to and back from the party to Patong beach. It’s convenient and definitely safer! Don’t drive! Read more about Paradise Beach

3. Illuzion Club

Patong Beach

Illuzion Night Club in Patong Beach

Illuzion is the largest and the most popular club in Phuket. Massive sound system, great DJ’s, great stage performance, this is the place to party if you like your night to be loud. Read more

4. White Room

Patong Beach

White Room Nightclub

Another great club to celebrate the passing of the year if you want to be in a club but you like it more intimate. White room is smaller and brighter, it feels more VIP. Here too great music and definitely a great place to party. Read more

There are more clubs to party in Patong! we like those 2 but explore by yourself to pick the one you like best to do you countdown! Just remember that usually clubs don’t charge for the entry but on New Year Eve they can charge up to 1000 baht so chose wisely. On the other hand, once you paid the entrance fee, you get a stamp that allow you to walk in an out the club as you please. See them all here

5. Your Hotel Pool side

Holiday Inn Patong

This is the golden night for most hotels in Phuket. Room rates are high and often the gala dinner by the pool is compulsory (and expensive). Check online before you book to make sure you know if your hotel is does or does not include that compulsory dinner with a show. It’s not bad but some visitors prefer to party out there.

6. XANA Beach Club

Bangtao Beach

Xana Beach Club Phuket

Beach clubs are a great way to celebrate new year. It’s more tropical and less hectic than nightclubs of Patong but you still can party, drink and dance all you want. If you need a break you can walk on the beach and step away from the noise. You could even swim but we wouldn’t recommend it… alcohol and dark ocean don’t mix well. Read more

7. Kudo Beach Club

Patong Beach

Kudo Beach Club

This new beach club is one of the best places to party in Patong. It is in a strategic location on the beach near Bangla road and has several bars, a DJ and even a pool. Read more

8. Catch Beach Club

Bangtao Beach

Catch Beach Club in Phuket

Catch is an iconic beach club in Phuket. It was the first such club to open years ago in Surin, a nearby beach. The new one is not as striking as the original Catch Beach Club but it is definitely a great place for the countdown on the sand and by the sea. Read more

There are more beach clubs all around the island to celebrate New Year in Phuket! See them all here

9. Rooftop Bars (or anywhere high above Patong)

The Kee Resort Rooftop in Phuket

Phuket doesn’t have amazing rooftop bars like Bangkok do, but things are changing fast. Since Patong always has the most impressive fireworks, best is to pick one of the rooftop here. If your hotel has high floor facing the ocean you are in luck. If not be The Kee Resort and Surface at La Flora resort have good panoramic terraces to drink and celebrate in style. Note that these rooftops are quite small and will probably be crowded too. Read more

10. Paradise Complex

Patong Beach

Gay Phuket in Paradise Complex

This is Phuket’s main gay party area. It’s colourful, fun and friendly. Everyone is welcome, gay or not.

Drone Footage on New Year’s Eve in Patong!

Drone Footage by Richard Hearne

10 Best Party Places for New Year’s Eve in Phuket 2018
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