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Fuga Beach Club in Patong Beach, Phuket

Fuga Beach Club

    Fuga Beach Club, located at the northern end of Patong Beach just below Novotel Patong, is a recently opened seaside restaurant and beach club offering a fun experience.

    Paradise Beach in Phuket

    Paradise Beach ⛱️ What to do on Paradise Beach?

      Paradise Beach Phuket is just 4 kilometres from Patong Beach and consists of two small sandy bays with blue water, soft sand and coconut trees. You will find plenty of beach chairs, bars, restaurants, shops and massive parties on some nights.

      Where to Party in Phuket

      Where to Party in Phuket in 2024? 🎉

        Where to Party in Phuket? Of course, we know that everyone expects something different, but everyone wants to have fun after dinner and get and see the best of Phuket’s nightlife in a minimum amount of time!