Where to Party in Phuket – 10 Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY!

Where to Party in Phuket – 10  Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY!
Where to Party in Phuket – 10 Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY!
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Where to Party in Phuket –  10 Fun and Wild Ways to PARTY!

Where to Party in Phuket? Everyone expects something different from his holiday, but everyone wants to see the best of it in a minimum amount of time and (almost) everyone wants to PARTY! Here are 10 fun ways to party wild in Phuket, don’t take it too seriously, this is not a Top 10 that would suit everyone, just 10 Fun Party Tips I would certainly recommend to my visiting friends. The list could go on and on, but these are a good start.

1 Explore Soi Bangla

Soi Seadragon in Patong

That’s a given, but which guy would go to Patong and not walk up and down Soi Bangla at least to get a feel for it? It’s bright and fun, entertainment is calling you from everywhere, clubs, live music, girls dancing on bar counters and ladyboys parading with feathers. It’s party zone and you can go without guilt. Read more

2) Start with a Shooter at the Ice Bar


You had a good dinner and feel sleepy? You are jetlag and you wonder if you should rather go to bed and think about it tomorrow? No way! Go to the ice bar and enter a -30˙C freezing room without a jacket! Get a vodka shot or two in an ice glass served on an ice bar and try to stay as long as possible. Without a jacket, I guarantee you will be fully awake and ready to party. (see also party drinks) Ice bar is Number 17 on the map.

3) Ring the Bell at any Beer Bar


Walk down Bangla Road or any of the side lanes to see a countless tiny bars, all looking ‘Same Same but Different’. A beer bar is a U shaped counter with colorful light, loud music, a TV screen, a funny name you will have hard time remembering, few friendly girls and some silly games to play. But the bell hang at each bar is NOT a game! It is a way to show your happiness… and generosity! Ring it to pay a round of drinks to everyone around the bar! (expect 1,000 baht)

4 Inspect a Go Go Bar (or two, or three)

Phuket Go Go Bars

You don’t have to be a weirdo to have a look inside a Go Go Bar, usually a room with girls dancing with very little cloth on a central stage, and sometimes a show that might make your jaw drop. Once again, this is Phuket, and it’s pretty relax, many couples go to have a drink and a little story to tell once home. Anyway remember, “What happens in Bangla stays in…” well, what happens next is your problem 🙂 Read ‘What really happens inside a Go Go B

5 Hit the Night Clubs

Night Club in Patong Beach

As this date, w listed seven clubs in Patong so you should find the one for you. The most popular ones are Seduction and Hollywood on Soi Bangla but Famous Nightclub rooftop is getting increasingly busy. Banana Disco on the beach road is an old time favourite. Patong official closing time is supposed to be 2am, but lately nobody seems to care anymore, so have fun! Read more

6 Get a Massage

Get a foot massage after walking around Patong all night, or any kind of massage as they are everywhere in town, just follow your instinct, or the many girls endlessly reciting the now well known motto ‘Hello you want massaaaage”!
And who said spas were for girls? It’s not even in our Top 10 Things to Do for Girls! You also should consider a spa for the next day, helps a lot with hangovers! Read more

7 Simon Cabaret & Ladyboys Shows

Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret has a nice stage, great sets, beautiful costumes, impeccable choreography, but what everyone is here to see is how pretty the girls are. Because what Simon is most famous for is that all the pretty ladyboys on stage (and I mean pretty). Now if you don’t have time to sit for a couple of hour at the show, you can see some ladyboys in Soi Soi Bangla (can’t miss them) or some more modest show in Paradise complex. Read more

8 Gay Phuket

Phuket Gay Festival

The popular Paradise Complex, located at the feet of the Royal Paradise Hotel is great place to have fun with its many bars. ‘My Way’ cabaret put on a decent ladyboy show and it only costs you a drink, so have a look and have fun! Don’t miss the very popular ‘Boat Bar’, all the handsome guys are there! And remember, this is Phuket, everyone is welcome! Read more

9 Live Music & Loud Rock Bands

Rock City Live Band

There is no lack of live bands in Patong and you will hear them long before you see them, but some should consider another career. However three spots are really hot in Patong. Baan Laimai Hotel on the beach road, Red Hot Bar at the end of Bangla near Jungceylon Mall, and the excellent bands of Rock City across the street. Entrance are free, just order a drink. Read more

10) Recover in Similan Island… or any Island


If you did party wild and need to recover… The most amazing is definitely Similan Islands, the color of the water is striking, the sand is like baby powder and you can rent a small air con bungalow to stay the night! If you don’t feel like a long trip, you can go to the closest Bon Island, or further Phi Phi Island, Racha Island or even nearby Coral Island. Read more

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