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Understanding the Geography of Patong Beach

Where to Stay and What to Do in Patong Beach

Patong is a big, busy and let’s say messy city and if this is your first time here, the geography of Patong Beach can be overwhelming, especially if you plan to book a hotel!

Patong is divided into 4 areas, mostly based on the roads that run parallel to the beach:

  1. The Beach Road is where the most attractive are, as you just have to cross the road to step onto the beach.
  2. Ratuthit Road is the second road that runs 350 metres parallel to the beach
  3. Sai Kor Road is the 3r road, 650 metres parallel to the beach
  4. Nanai Road is in the back road and is 1 km away from the beach

A lot of streets run perpendicular to the beach, connecting these 4 roads, and apart from the famous Bangla Road is usually the only name people remember because this is where the nightlife scene is. The price of the hotels are of course higher when close to the beach, depending on their star rating of course, but prices also decrease when the distance to Bangla Road increases.

patong geography

The Beachfront Road

The Beach Road in Patong

Patong Beach Road is a 2-kilometre-long one-way road with the beach on one side and a non-stop line of hotels, restaurants and shops facing the ocean on the other side. The central part of the beachroad is the busiest, mostly because this is where the famous Bangla Road starts, home to a frantic nightlife. The street is very busy day and night, with just a tiny sidewalk for pedestrians, lined with Tuk Tuks parked all along.

Popular Hotels on the Beachfront


Popular Restaurants on the Beachfront

The list of restaurants on the beach road is as endless as it is varied and it would take forever to review them all. You will find many longest established restaurants in the small street perpendicular to the beach road, including some popular small Thai restaurants.


Ratuthit Road

Hotels on Ratuthit Road (the second road) are often cheaper. Note that some hotels listed on this page appear on both streets because they stretch from the beach road to the second road. Rathutit Road is mostly lined with restaurants, massage parlours, shops and a couple of night markets and night bazaars. The main attraction on Ratuthit Road is the immense Jungceylon Shopping Centre that stretches all the way to the 3rd road. The intersection where Bangla Road end is the busiest crossing of Patong Beach.

Popular Hotels on Rathutit Road

What to Do on Rathutit Road

Bangla Road

Bangla Walking Street

We have an entire page dedicated to Bangla Raod, the heart of Phuket’s nightlife and party. There are just a couple on hotels is this street and all you will find in Bangla are bars and clubs, open until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Popular Hotels on the Bangla Road

If you wish to stay around Bangla to have direct access to both nightlife and parties, there are a handful of hotels, The Kee Resort being the most attractive.

The Kee Resort Phuket
The Kee Resort and Spa Phuket is probably one of the best-located hotels in Patong Beach if you want to be in the heart of the renowned Bangla Walking Street action. Its unique ... Read More

Map of Patong Beach

Sai Kor Road

Sai Kor Road sees a lot of traffic but not so many pedestrians. This is where you will find a lot of affordable multistory hotels, usually 3 to 4 stars, not very sophisticated but good value for money and a short tuk-tuk ride from the beach. This is often where travellers stay when they don’t plan to spend too much time in the hotel and rather use it as a base to spend lots of time on the beach, exploring the island and party. The main attractions on Sai Kor Road are Jungceylon Shopping Mall and Baanzan fresh market and a seafood night market and Bangla Boxing Stadium.

Nanai Road

Nanai Road is a residential narrow road at the feet of the hills in the back of Patong. You will mostly find small guesthouses here and no particular attractions, just small shops and restaurants.


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