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Baan Lamai Beach Resort Review

Baan Lamai Beach Resort and Spa is a long-established and very popular hotel on the beach road of the popular Patong Beach in Phuket. The hotel occupies a strategic location just across the street from the beach and just 500 metres from the famous Bangla Road, where Patong’s renowned nightlife explodes every night. Baan Laimai is a great spot for those who prefer an active holiday and vibrant nightlife but a beautiful beach to suntan and recover during the day. There are many things to do around the hotel; you might not even need to rent a car or a motorbike to keep your holiday busy.

Baan Laimai Beach Resort was renovated recently and has become a very attractive property. The five-floor U-shape building overlooks an immense pool with a vast wooden deck and tall palm trees. The central area is now wide open, giving an impression of space that did not exist before, with a brilliantly designed open-air restaurant at the front.

The rooms

The newly refurbished rooms are attractive, simple but elegant and instantly welcoming. We stayed in a pool-access apartment with a terrace and two large seats. The terrace is a bit small, and the steps down to the pool are steep, but it is nice to step down the water as soon as it gets too hot. All the rooms overlooking the pool have a terrace of the same size with comfortable chairs to relax in.

Like in many hotels with pool access, keep in mind that you will lose privacy when you get pool access, and anyone walking by can see inside your room during the daytime. At night the light curtains do a good job of protecting your privacy.

We enjoyed the large TV, the comfortable set of sofas and the working desk had enough plugs to charge all our devices. The bathroom is well supplied with amenities, with a spacious shower but no bathtub.

The restaurants

There are two restaurants at Baan Laimai Beach Resort, and both are very attractive, especially considering the hotel’s central location. They did a great job creating a cosy atmosphere in a very busy part of town.

Laimai Courtyard

Laimai Courtyard is the restaurant and relaxing area between the pool and the beachroad where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The vast area is covered with an artificial lawn, and the many trees, lights and umbrellas surrounding a thatched roof central bar create a surprisingly attractive garden atmosphere. Above the restaurant, a transparent ceiling ensures you can enjoy your outdoor meal even on a rainy day. Laimai Courtyard serves both international and Thai food but specialises in fresh local seafood from the Andaman Sea. The breakfast buffet is a bit basic, but in the evening, the bar has a long list of cocktails for everyone to enjoy while watching people passing by on the beach road in front of the hotel.

Hern Coffee and Bistro

Hern Coffee and Bistro serves fancy breakfast, brunch all day, and a more sophisticated Thai cuisine in the evening. The decor with high ceilings, dark wooden tones and hanging ferns is beautiful. The food is a little more expensive than the other restaurants nearby, but it is good, well-presented, and has excellent service.



You can enjoy a vast choice of treatments at Moon Tree Spa, particularly appreciated for speeding up jet lag after a long trip or recovering from a year of work. A long spa treatment is also a great option for an occasional rainy day, but as always, book early because everyone in the hotel will think about it too.

The hotel has a well-equipped fitness room with a panoramic view of the swimming pool below and a little kid’s playground near the reception. As you arrive at the hotel, the reception is at the very back, past the immense and inviting swimming pool.

Overall, the new Baan Laimai Beach Resort is a very attractive hotel, a good compromise for travellers who want a beautiful hotel in a strategic location with a beach, nightlife, restaurants and shopping nearby.

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Baan Lamai Beach Resort Info

Location: Patong Beach
Address: 66 Thawewong Rd, Patong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 076 342 620
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baanlaimaibeachresort/
Bookings: see the rates


Range: 4-Star Hotel
Swimming pool: 1
Restaurants and bars: 3
Distance from the beach: across the street
Distance from Bangla Road: 500 m

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