Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club
Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach Club Phuket on Surin is still one of the most trendy beach clubs in Phuket and the competition has become fierce! We love to go there on weekend afternoons to unwind, or even get some work done in a relaxing tropical ambiance… Who wouldn’t? (Catch Beach Club also ranks high on our ‘10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Phuket‘)

The mood is soft and cool with a stylish design blending harmoniously into the tropical background of palm tress and white sands. Furthermore, Surin has one of the nicest beach in Phuket. At night, the smart use of lights and colors on a sunset background creates a warm ambiance that makes your dinner even more special.

Catch Beach Club is busy all day, open as a restaurant, a beach bar and now even as a boutique. It’s a great place to spend the day in the shade of trees. Guests from the Twinpalms Resort located nearby can use beach loungers during the day for free, but outside guests would have to pay a fee, higher than the usual beach chairs. Everything comes with a price.

You can choose to sit in one of the three areas. Two large restaurants open to the beachfront and a very large and very popular shaded wooden terrace stepping directly onto the sandy beach. If you plan to have dinner in this area, you should come early or book. The restaurant serves a nice Mediterranean selection, pizzas, great choice of salads and tapas, perfect for a lazy afternoon. On Tuesdays and Fridays, try their all inclusive beach barbecue. For 1,200 baht, oysters, salmon, lambs ribs and the evil chocolate fountain to dip your strawberries are all yours. Better skip lunch that day!So depending on your mood, come to Catch Beach Club for a romantic dinner in a place so far unmatched in Phuket, or spend the afternoon in one of these oversize sofas, sipping cocktails for hours, feeling the breeze while listening to a nice music selection. We do this once in a while, and still manage to have our work done… life is a beach.

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Catch Beach Club Phuket – Surin Beach
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