Songkran 2018 in Phuket

Songkran in Phuket

What is Songkran Festival [toc] Songkran in Phuket happens between April 13 to 15, 2018. So what is this Songkran Festival everyone is talking about lately? If you choose to come to Phuket or Thailand in April, you'd better know what all this is about. Songkran is the Thai New

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Phuket Event Calendar 2018

Phuket Event Calendar

Popular Event and Festivals in Phuket This is our Phuket Event Calendar. Please feel free to submit your events, parties and festivals for review by clicking the link below. We obviously reserve the right to select what is published, so please avoid overly commercial or not relevant events. (Buffets and

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Phuket Festivals and Events

Phuket Festivals

Phuket Festivals and Events [toc] Phuket Festivals - The history of Phuket goes back a long way and the whole year is peppered with many traditional festivals or newly created events. Some are celebrated nationwide while some others have a special meaning to Phuket people. Not all the events are

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