Windmill Viewpoint in Ya Nui Beach

The windmill viewpoint just above the very popular Ya Nui Beach is perfect to take a nice photo of Phuket tropical sea; all it takes is a bike or car… and a lot of blue sky. This hill located passed Nai Harn Beach is well known from the huge white windmill visible from the distance, if you are on Nai Harn Beach you cannot miss it, it has been there as long as I can remember (and I can remember it was there in 1994). The trick is to find where the path leading to it is.

Up there, you’ll find nothing more than a bit of parking and a Sala to get some shade (a Sala is a roof, or house with no walls) and occasionally a drink vendor, but you will have a unique view on the small Ya Nui Beach below and a small island called ‘Koh Man”.

How to Get to the Windmill Viewpoint:

Coming from Kata Beach, drive south passed the famous ‘Karon Viewpoint‘ and keep going towards Nai Harn Beach. Continue after Nai Harn and proceed in the direction of Prompthep Cape but you won’t have to go that far. Soon after Nai Harn, you will be then driving up a small hill just past the lake until you reach a sharp left curve. Right there you will see a narrow dirt road… it’s just few meters long, and there you are!

Windmill Viewpoint in Phuket

Useful Tip:

Since you are here for a good shot, why not get another one! Leave the bike there and walk down the dirt road, continue to walk on the road you came from about a hundred meter and through the trees, you’ll get this nice shot of Nai Harn Beach with an unusual angle. Most people drive too fast to even notice it.

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The Nai Harn seen from Windmill Viewpoint in PhuketWindmill Viewpoint in Phuket

Windmill Viewpoint Location Map

Windmill Viewpoint in Ya Nui Beach
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