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Phuket Windmill Viewpoint

What is Phuket Windmill Viewpoint?

Phuket windmill viewpoint, also occasionally called wind turbine, is a panoramic hill in the very south of Phuket Island. From up there, you can enjoy a birdview of the very popular Ya Nui Beach on one side and the bay of Nai Harn on the other.

Paragliding at the Windmill Viewpoint

This spot is now one of the most photographers panoramas in Phuket, frequently used as a romantic background by local photographers to take pre-wedding pictures. The Windmill Viewpoint is easy to access by bike or by motorbike as it is near the main road; all it takes is a bit of blue sky and a few white clouds.

Phuket Wind Turbine Viewpoint

This hill located past Nai Harn Beach is well-known for the enormous white windmill visible from a distance; if you are on Nai Harn Beach, you cannot miss it; it has been there for as long as I can remember (and I can remember it was there in 1994). The trick is to find where the path leading to it is. You can see the windmill in the photo below.

Nai Harn Beach

Up there, you’ll find nothing more than a bit of parking and a sala to get some shade (a sala is a roof or pavilion with no walls) and a drink and ice cream stall, but you will have a unique view on the small Ya Nui Beach below and a small island called ‘Koh Man”.

phuket wind turbine viewpoint

How to Get to the Windmill Viewpoint?

The Nai Harn seen from Windmill Viewpoint in Phuket

Coming from Kata Beach, drive south past the famous ‘Karon Viewpoint‘ and keep going towards Nai Harn Beach. Continue after Nai Harn and proceed in the direction of Promthep Cape, but you won’t have to go that far. Soon after Nai Harn, you will drive up a small hill just past the lake until you reach a sharp left curve. Right there, you will see a narrow dirt road, it’s just a few meters long, and there you are!

ya nui beach

Useful Tip

Since you are here for a good shot, why not get another one! Leave the bike there and walk back to the main road you came from about a hundred metres. If the trees didn’t overgrow, you could get a beautiful shot of Nai Harn Beach with an unusual angle. Unfortunately, most people drive too fast even to notice it.

Photos of the Windmill Viewpoint

Windmill Viewpoint in Ya Nui Beach

Windmill Viewpoint Street View

Where is the Windmill Viewpoint?

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