360 Restaurant at Phuket Pavilions

360 Restaurant at Phuket Pavilions
360 Restaurant at Phuket Pavilions
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360 Restaurant at Phuket Pavilions

With so many restaurants in Phuket, picking a new romantic dining venue we haven’t yet tried was going to be challenging. But once again, Phuket hides little gems you need to take the time to discover, and Phuket Pavilions is one of them. Of course we heard of it before… but it is so ‘out of the way’, you almost have to deserve it.


The wooden gate opening on the property is rather massive and intimidating, like approaching some celebrity’s private villa. The road then climbs under an beautiful double arch of bamboo trees leaning over the way. Once parked, a buggy will take you all the way up to the 360 bar… a lovely hill top terrace with striking views… it’s not really a 360 view but it’s such a lovely place to have a cocktail before dinner.

A nice breeze was sweeping through the terrace, clouds were gliding fast and low over our heads and sunset colors were basking the horizon… blah, blah, blah… I’m getting carried away. Back to the practical side: it was happy hour when we arrived… 50% on all drinks! This means same price as any bar, but in a luxurious and romantic setting? I am so going back just for the happy hour!dinner-at-pavilions

The light was fast declining so we moved to the restaurant itself, located lower in the resort but with an equally beautiful view on the far ocean.

The building lobby is beautifully decorated in a old Sino-Portuguese house style, while the restaurant itself is more ‘Thai contemporary’. Large bays open on the sea and despite being a bit quiet at first, we felt very cozy. Food is essentially Thai with the some international dishes… and we really enjoyed each dish. I had pan-seared foie gras followed by a perfect sirloin, while she has a delicious tuna Carpaccio with a white snapper as main dish. It was very well presented and served, not too copious, just right! But we couldn’t make it to the dessert… what a shame! Well, now we do have even more excuses to go back there, and so should you!

360 definitely comes high on our upcoming ‘10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Phuket‘!

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Phuket Pavilion is # 28 on Phuket101 – Phuket Map

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