25 Thai Fruits to Discover in Phuket

25 Thai Fruits to Discover in Phuket
25 Thai Fruits to Discover in Phuket
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What Thai fruits can you find in Phuket?

Thai fruits range from well known, such as pineapple or simply watermelon, to the most surprising ones like the weird looking Dragon Fruit, the huge pungent Durian or the even bigger the ‘Jack Fruit’. The choice of fruits in Thailand is endless and visiting a local market in Phuket is a chance to try as many as you can. (I’ll add photos as I find them).

1 Mango [Ma Muang]


Mango is of the most popular fruits in Thailand, you can eat ripe mango with sticky rice and coconut milk, green with salt and chili, or even as a spicy salad on top of fried fish…. which is delicious.

2 Rambutan [ngǿ]


3 Mangosteens [mung kut]


4 Bananas [kluay]

Bananas in Phuket

5. Dragon Fruit [Kaew Mang-Korn]

Dragon Fruits

Sounds scary, but the taste of the Dragon Fruits is very faint, just slightly sweet with seeds like in kiwis. Most common variety comes with white flesh but the red flesh is sweeter.

6.Phuket Pineapple [Sapparot]

Very popular all over Thailand, Phuket Pineapple is sweeter and has more flavour than other pineapples. Often served complimentary after dinner, it frequently comes with a mix of chili and salt!

7. Durian [Tu Rean]

Durians in Phuket

Called the ‘King of Fruits’ by those who obviously love it. Among the many known varieties, some can be really smelly, but the best ones are not as pungent. You love it or you hate it, simple.

8. Papaya [Malakor]

Papaya in Phuket

Papaya is known for having many healthy properties… if you like its tastes. Thais eat it ripe with lime juice, but more often green in the famous Som Tam, a very spicy salad.

9. Guava [Farang]

Well known fruit, but Thai version is harder and not as sweet as Caribbean version. Thai people often dip it in a mix of sugar, salt and dry chili, it’s nicer than you might think. ‘Farang’ in Thai also mean ‘Foreigners’.

10. Star Fruit [Ma Fuang]

Star Fruits

Star fruits are a little harder to find on a market, probably due to the fact that it is not an easy fruit to keep more than a day. The fruit itself looks nothing like a start until you slice it. Tastes sweet and very refreshing.

11. Pomelo [Som O]


Thais look at this as a kind of orange (Som), but it’s more like a grapefruit. It’s is huge, really hard to peel and taste just a bit sweet. Try it!

12. Coconut

13. Rose Apple [Chompoo]


 14. Lychees

 15. Snake Fruit [Salak or Rakam]

Snake Fruits

Same family as the sapotilla, this strange looking fruit is very tasty and sweet. It’s a bit hard to peel and has a big seed in the middle.

 16. Custard Apples [noina]

Custard Apple

17. Watermelon [Tangmo]

Watermelon in Thailand

17. Jack Fruit [Kanoon]

19. Plum Mango [Ma Prang]

20. Longan [Lam Yai]

21. Small Thai Oranges [som]

22. Pomegranate


 23. Kraton

24. Makok

25. Gac


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