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Phuket Food and Restaurants. Where and what to eat in Phuket.

Phuket Food and Restaurants

    Phuket’s food scene is a delight for food lovers, offering diverse and exciting options of Thai food, southern cuisine and even Phuket specialities. There is now a list of great local restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide for Thailand.

    Phuket Street Food

    10 Best Street Food in Phuket

      Phuket street food is fun, cheap, and a great way to experience simple real Thai food. It definitely is more authentic than in tourist restaurants you find in Patong Beach. It’s fast and a lot cleaner than you might think.

      Mookata Buffet in Phuket

      Moo Kata Restaurants in Phuket

        Mook Kata is an extremely popular and cheap buffet found in Phuket and all around Thailand. Here, you pick and cook yourself some raw ingredients displayed on a buffet-style at a low fixed price.

        Thai Food in Phuket

        10 Best Thai Food in Phuket

          Thai food is popular and famous worldwide and doesn’t need to be introduced anymore. If you reached this page, you probably already tried some and heard plenty about it.

          Chicken Rice Kota Khao Mun Kai Phuket

          Kota Khao Mun Kai – Chicken Rice Restaurant in Phuket Town

            Kota Khao Mun Kai is an excellent and famous Chicken Rice restaurant in Phuket Town. Everyone in Phuket knows this place, expats of locals. It has been open for more than two decades and is still running strong without having changed a thing. That might be why it is still so popular; once you have a simple winning formula, don’t touch it. If you ask a friend if he feels like having chicken rice for lunch, he will probably picture this place.