Rayee Beach in Kamala

Rayee Beach in Kamala
Rayee Beach in Kamala
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Rayee Beach

Rayee BeachWhen I ask someone if they have been to Rayee Beach in Phuket, I always get that puzzled looks or negative answer. Now if I describe where Rayee beach is, just next to Kamala Beach, I always get a “Aaaah! ‘That’ beach!’ Probably the only beach in Phuket with a name no one can remember.

Of course Rayee is not the prettiest beach on the island. Apparently it has everything right: it is long and fringed with tall casuarina and coconut trees with a nice strip of sand, and is virtual deserted. But the downside will reveal itself at low tide, when the receding sea uncovers large surfaces of rock. Rayee Beach is not a swimming beach. It’s not totally uninhabited though, you can find a small restaurant with massage attached at the south end, built on a small wooden terrace reached via a tiny bridge, and another tiny dining place near the center of the beach.

Rayee BeachThe bay was very well known for the Kamala Bay Terrace Resort, but the 2004 tsunami devastated the area to such extend, nothing was rebuilt until recently. A new resort is currently under construction across the street, we can just hope they will have taken the necessary precautions, just in case.

A bit further past this new hotel is the White Orchid Restaurant, which has also been there as far as I can remember, but strangely haven’t tried yet. If you continue driving along the beach you will reach the famous ‘Millionaire Row’ with all these amazing villas built all along the grassy cliffs between Kamala and Thavorn Beach.

Rayee Beach in KamalaTo find Rayee beach is very simple… from Patong Beach drive until you are about to enter Kamala beach. At the bottom of the ill you will see a road on your left, follow the signs to Paresa Resort but you will reach the beach just a couple of kilometers from that sign.


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