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Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

How is Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yang:?

Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yang is a beautifully designed hotel on Nai Yang Beach, a unique location on the north-west coast of Phuket. Nai Yang Beach is a great hideaway escape near the Sirinath National Park, far from the crowded beaches of south Phuket. The hotel has a lot of great features and so many qualities we did have a lot to enjoy and discover during our 3-day stay.

The Location

Phuket Marriott Nai Yang

Phuket Marriott Resort Nai Yang is on the secluded Nai Yang beach, a bay close to the airport so you can start your holiday soon after landing, but far enough, so you don’t have to worry about planes. Nai Yang Beach is just next to a national park and therefore, hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years. Travellers who don’t like how much Phuket has developed in the past decade will love this hotel and its unique beach.

Nai Yang Beach

It’s a perfect timeless hideaway, surrounded by nature and the beauty of an immense sandy bay. Locals and those who know the place love to spend time in this national park. You can easily find real Thai food from the local vendors then relax under the immense trees or play in the sea. Nai Yang Beach is as close of the original Phuket as you will ever get. It’s not isolated either as a short walk will take you to a tiny beachfront village where you can get drinks and food with your feet in the sand.

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Superb Rooms

Phuket Marriott Nai Yang has 180 rooms and a lot of room types to choose from, and since you opted for the relaxing part of the island, you probably will spend some time in it, so the best is all the pool access or the beachfront villas. Large and superbly designed with modern Thai inspiration, beachfront pool villas are the best choice as they come with a garden in front and large covered sitting area. The sea is, unfortunately, not always visible from your bed; it would have been perfect.

Food is Truly Great

Restaurant at Marriott Nai Yang Phuket

The Phuket Marriott Nai Yang counts three restaurants. ‘The Lounge’, ‘Andaman Kitchen’ and ‘Big Fish Bar & Grill’. The Big Fish restaurant is the most tempting since it’s located just by the beach and even better: most of the seafood comes from the little fishing village just next to the hotel! You get to eat the freshest seafood, and you support the local community at the same time 🙂 In the morning you can sometimes walk to the small fishing boats and look at the catch of the day.

Restaurant at Marriott Nai Yang Phuket

We tried one dish we usually love ‘Sea bass wrapped in banana leaves’. The success of such a recipe is to keep the fish natural flavour without overwhelming it, which has to be great, so only great fish will do. And the young but talented Chet Tip did such a great job! With just a surprisingly delicate banana leaves aroma and a light spicy lime sauce, it was so perfect we did order it again the next day. (And you can select from more than ten wines by the glass, it is a nice touch).

You can also enjoy a light meal at ‘The Lounge’ near the lobby where they serve some excellent dishes such as Hamburger foie gras and some beautifully presented Thai snacks.

Andaman Kitchen is the place where you will probably keep for breakfast. It’s a larger but cosy room with a great choice of breakfast dishes, western or Asian (go for both since it’s a buffet, spoil yourself!) And the chef makes a great omelette!

The Spa

Spa at Marriott Nai Yang Phuket

Quan spa is only four rooms but designed for instant relaxation. Their wide choice of treatments is excellent (and we are not easily impressed) and therapists are genuinely skilled, with gentle but firm pressure, just as you requested. And here is a tip: their sunburn aloe wrap treatment is very efficient, you need to remember this since the sun of Phuket is a lot stronger than it seems!

The Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool at Marriott Nai Yang Phuket

The swimming-pool is immense, around 2,600-meter square. The largest part of is near the beach, and it is so long; you can swim almost through the entire resort. Such a large swimming pool allows the hotel to offer a lot of pool access rooms.

Kids Club

The kids club is bright, spacious and colourful with a large outdoor playground and a daily choice of fun activities. It’s a real nice place where your kids will have serious fun with a dedicated team. The club is near the central area of the hotel so you can even go say hi anytime. Kids from 4 years old can join, younger than this you will need to book a baby sitter 24 hours in advance.

Romantic Beach Setting

If you come with your loved one, and it seems that most customers do, you can treat yourself to the most romantic dinner ever: your feet in the sand and your head under the stars! That’s obviously if tide and weather allow, but how can you not try! (starting 5,200 baht plus taxes).

Plugs Everywhere!

It may sound a little trivial but in an era where every traveller come with computers, tablets, phones and cameras, getting enough plugs in old-fashioned hotels is frustrating. Phuket Marriott Nai Yang knew that, and we were impressed (we even took a picture)! Not only there are more plugs than you can use, but they can also accommodate plugs from any country, and even better: there are no less than FOUR USB plugs in the walls, one set next to your desk and one next to the bed! How cool is that? Sure in 10 years it will come standard (or whatever plug we will use in 10 years), but that’s a great feature.

Great Team!

The hotel crew is genuinely friendly, polite, caring and always smiling, Thailand hospitality at its best: you feel instantly home and relaxed. From the laundry lady to the gardener and the chef, people greet you with a natural smile and a Wai (the Thai way of greeting). Besides, it seems that most of the team speak excellent English.

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Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Info

Location: Nai Yang Beach
Address: 92 Moo 3 Tambol Sakoo, Amphur, Talang Tambol Sakoo Phuket, Phuket 83110
Phone: 076 625 555
Open: 24 hours
Rates: see the rates for Phuket Marriott Nai Yang


Range: 5-star
Swimming pools: 1
Restaurants and bars: 2
Distance to the closest beach: on the beach
from airport: 4 km
to Patong Beach: 34 km
to Phuket Town
: 30 km

4.2/5 - (31 votes)

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