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Banyan Tree Phuket
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Banyan Tree Phuket

Banyan Tree Phuket on Bangtao Beach is the most luxurious of the five resorts nestled in the Laguna Complex. Open since almost two decades, Banyan Tree is still recognized as one of the ultimate resort experience in Asia. Banyan Tree will always be a special place to me as I worked there as a resort host for a short while, so I know how difficult it is to make sure that each guest is taken care of just right, and how every little detail becomes important. With so many year of experience, they certainly do this extremely well.


You can choose among four or five types of villas, all perfectly enclosed with own garden or pool for a total privacy. At first it might sound surprising to come so close to the beach and lock yourself in the privacy of your own villa, but once you try it, you will love it. You can have great in villa dining and the sea is just steps away with all the beach facilities.With six restaurants in the resort, you can treat yourself every single day without having to leave: Saffron (Thai Cuisine), Watercourt (Mediterranean Cuisine), Tre (French Vietnamese), Sala Terrace (French Fusion and Seafood), Tamarind (Seafood and Asian Cuisine) and Banyan Café at the golf course. Best but expensive is the romantic dining on a private longtail boat in the middle of the lagoon, with candle and star lights, it is hard to beat. You can also get a shuttle to dine at any of the others resorts in the Laguna Complex.


Banyan Tree Spa is also one of the most outstanding on the island. Treatments certainly don’t come cheap, but even though, you will have to book in advance to get one! We tried it and without a doubt, it’s worth the money.Then you have your own 18 holes golf course right there in front of the lobby! How cool can it be for a golfer?

The beach of Bangtao is nice and relatively quiet in this area, and you can walk to some beachfront seafood restaurants. These are not really ‘local’ restaurants, they know since long time that guests from five star resorts usually have more money and less sense of ‘local prices’, but it is still nice to eat on the beach for a relatively cheap price. (Read about 10 Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket here).

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