The Slate Phuket Review

The Slate Phuket on Nai Yang Beach near Phuket International Airport is a superb 5-star hotel in a spacious property with a fantastic and unusual design inspired by the tin mining era of Phuket. It was long known as the ‘Indigo’ hotel and was the brainchild of the famous architect and designer Bill Bensley. The hotel name has changed from Indigo to The Slate, but very little else has changed. The layout, decoration, rooms and outlets often described as ‘Industrial Chic’ are surprisingly familiar, making it one of the best hotels in Phuket.

The Slate Phuket is just five minutes from Phuket International airport, making it a great weekend escape for those who don’t care about the frantic nightlife of Patong, Kata or Karon Beach. Nai Yang beach is a perfect nature escape for romance and peace. This part of the island is probably the closest to what Phuket used to be before fame started transforming what used to be a paradise island.

Black Ginger Phuket at the Slate Hotel

With six room types, the resort is immense and features no less than five restaurants, three large swimming pools, a non-smoking kids pool and a kids-free adult pool (brilliant move here), an award-winning spa and a huge fitness room.

The Beach of Nai Yang

The beach of Nai Yang is superb and often forgotten because it hides away from the main roads. The sand is soft, and the sea is very shallow. There are many local food stalls along the streets to sample true Thai street food, plus a good choice of beach bars, massages and restaurants at reasonable prices.

The Rooms

Our room was a D-Buk Suite, not the top of the line, but with 76 sqm, it was surprisingly large and well designed. The shape is unusual and attractive, often breaking the traditional standard design in most hotels. You can instantly tell how much attention was given to every detail as the tin mine influence is prominent in every element and furniture. The space distribution is ingenious, and there is no shortage of storage for your suitcases.

The Slate offers 6 or 7 room types for all budgets, and each has its personal touch, and all rotate around that ‘industrial deco’ look. If you pick a D-Buk room as we did, ask for one on the upper floors; you’ll get a better view from your balcony. Our terrace was not attractive as it was behind a tall vegetation bush.

Restaurants and Bars

Black Ginger Thai Restaurant

Black Ginger at The Slate Phuket

Black Ginger is an absolute must-try, probably the best Thai restaurant in Phuket in the exclusive range (means that you can get great Thai food in local restaurants, but this is Thai food for a special occasion). It is a great experience, and you should not miss a chance to take your loved one to Black Ginger. The restaurant is getting increasingly popular, so you should consider booking in advance at 076 327 006. Read more


Tin Mine Restaurant

Tin Mine, the main restaurant, is where you will take your breakfast. It’s vast and open-air, surrounded by greenery like almost everything in the resort. The breakfast buffet is impressive and excellent. Again, and like in the entire resort, the mining theme is omnipresent in every detail, even in the table sets.

Rivet & Rebar

Rivet & Rebar near the beach is a fun place for a couple of after-dinner drinks. The bar is all wood and leather, creating a dark and intimate atmosphere.

The Facilities

Coqoon Spa

We didn’t have time to enjoy the spa, but we know it’s renowned, and it’s the perfect addition to your relaxing holiday in this part of the island since you are not going to party in Patong every night. It’s an award-winning spa.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Class at The Slate Phuket
Moo’s Kitchen is a superbly equipped cooking class designed for real cooking, not the usual tourist setting where a team prepare everything in advance for the guests. Here, you learn about ingredients and do the cooking yourself. Moo’s Kitchen is one of the Best Cooking Schools in Phuket.

The Boutique

The Slate has a surprisingly large boutique with incredible beautiful and unique items. Do not miss it! The bouquets displayed in the shop are genuinely jaw-dropping; it’s worth a stop and a photo.


Fitness Room at The Slate Phuket

The fitness room is superbly equipped but opens late in the morning and closes early in the evening.


What we loved

  • The hotel design is fantastic. So many creative details to discover and admire
  • Black Ginger restaurant was excellent.
  • Excellent service and crew. We didn’t have to wave to get someone’s attention.
  • Beautiful shop and flower shop
  • The beach near the hotel has a unique atmosphere for relaxation.
  • Several nice little bars and restaurants are available right on the beach in front of the hotel.
  • We love that The Slate is very close to the airport for a relaxing escape, but some might find it a little too far from the action.

What you should know

  • It is so vast that it can be confusing, especially with dim lighting. We lost our way several times while trying to retrieve our room.
  • It’s a little dark by design, both the rooms and the lighting.
  • There can be mosquitoes.
  • It’s close to the beach but not really on the beach, and you could have to walk some distance from the main area to the beach.
  • Note that the beach is not a swimming beach.

The Slate Phuket is a superb 5-star hotel with a unique design inspired by the tin mining era of Phuket, which is evident in every detail of the property. The hotel offers six room types, five restaurants, three large swimming pools, a non-smoking kids pool, an award-winning spa, a huge fitness room, and a superbly equipped cooking class. The location of the hotel, just five minutes from Phuket International Airport, and its proximity to Nai Yang Beach make it a great weekend escape for those seeking peace and romance. The Black Ginger restaurant is a must-try, and the Tin Mine restaurant offers an impressive breakfast buffet. The boutique and fitness room are also worth exploring. Overall, The Slate Phuket is one of the best hotels in Phuket, offering an unforgettable experience for its guests.

Photos of The Slate Phuket


The Slate Phuket Info

Location: Nai Yang Beach
Address: 116, Moo 1, Sakhu Thalang Phuket 83110
Phone: 076 327 006
Open: 24 hours
Check-in: 2 pm – Check-out: 12 noon
Bookings: see the rates


⛱️ Main beach nearby:Nai Yang Beach
⛱️ Distance to the beach:across the street
⛱️ Beach condition:great
⭐ Range5-star resort
🏊‍♀️ Swimming pools:3
🍴 Restaurants and bars:3 restaurants and 2 bars
🛍️ FacilitiesSpa, fitness, cooking class, boutiqu
🚙 Distance to Patong Beach:34 km
🚙 Distance to Phuket Town:30 km
✈️ Distance from Phuket International Airport:2 km

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