Is Phuket Safe?

Is Phuket Safe? 11 Tips for a Safe Holiday in Phuket

Is Phuket safe?

Yes, Phuket is very safe, probably safer than most other countries. Of course, the experience might differ for each traveller, but overall, if you follow the common-sense safety rules, you should never have to worry. In this page, we give a few pieces of advice, but keep in mind that these safety tips just use common sense.

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Apart from careless driving, incidents are rare and Phuket is a safe island.

1. Driving in Phuket

Renting Your Own Motorbike

Driving in Phuket is tricky. Renting a motorcycle is very easy, and too often, local rental shops won’t even require an international driving license or any compulsory insurance. This means that a lot of tourists are driving around with more or less driving experience and no insurance. Also, people tend to casually drink alcohol and drive as the day goes, so be smart: have an International driving license, have travel insurance, drink responsibly and keep your eyes well opened while driving. Read this page to understand more about driving in Phuket

2. Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuk in Phuket

Yes, there are stories about angry drivers occasionally getting aggressive, but considering how many tuk-tuks roam the island, it’s rare. And to be honest, passengers are not always very smart. Tourists can get drunk, aggressive or simply stupid and disrespectful. We frequently witness young tourists doing things in Phuket hey would never do at home, in their own country. One thing is sure to avoid any argument: always ask for the price before starting a ride. You can eventually bargain a bit, but if you don’t like the proposed price, walk away to the next Tuk Tuk. Tuk Tuk standing by in front of a hotel may be a bit more expensive than hailing one. Read more

3. Going around at night in Phuket

Phuket is very safe at night, as long as you keep in mind basic safety. Cities are lively until extremely late, and lots of people are always walking around. If you are a girl travelling alone, try not to go back to your hotel too late if you go back with a Tuk Tuk. Read about travelling solo in Phuket 

4. Safety in your hotel room

Safety in Phuket Hotel Bedrooms

Hotels are usually safe, but petty thievery is not unheard of in 3 stars and below. Once again, use essential caution when leaving your room: place valuables in your safe deposits box if there is one, and if not, use the reception safe. Worst case, put your stuff in a suitcase you can lock, that will help discouraging casual thievery.

5. Swimming

Phuket swimming flags and swimming safety

Swimming safety is a serious topic. During high season, the sea is calm and clear, so safety never seems to be a concern. But when the monsoon arrives, the ocean gets rough with waves and strong currents. No matter how good a swimmer you are, the riptide is incredibly powerful and can drag you away from the beach. Every week, people drown for not respecting the red flags. If you visit Phuket during low season, keep your eyes on the flags! Red flags mean ‘absolutely no swimming’ and a yellow and red flag indicates safe zone with lifeguards on duty. Please take this seriously: this is not how you want to end your holiday!

6. Belongings

Travelling Alone in Phuket

Pickpockets, beach thieves and bag snatchers are very rare in Phuket. There have been a few cases of bag snatchers late at night in remote areas. Just keep your bag close to you and carry it on the side opposite the road. Even leaving your belongings unattended on the beach is usually safe, cover it with your towel to make it less visible.

7. Do I need Vaccinations for Phuket?

No vaccinations are required to enter Thailand. Some hospitals recommend the following Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitia, Typhoid, Malaria, Rabies, but in general, none are needed for Phuket.

8. Is ice safe in Phuket?

Beer with Ice in Thailand

Using ice in your drink is safe as ice uses filtered water. You may even get ice cubes served in your beer, a common practice here. However, you should not drink water from the tap.

9. Is street food safe to eat in Phuket?

Phuket Street Food

Food sold in street carts and local restaurants is in general safe. However, if you are allergic to anything, you should ask. Here is a list of words you can print and show when eating in Thailand in case you need to check with the vendor. In all cases, when eating in a restaurant, don’t expect the menu to display anything such as ‘contains gluten, nuts, peanuts, prawns, molluscs, lactose’ as we often see in western countries. Here, in best cases, the only indication you may see on the menu is how spicy the dish is! Read more about Street food

10. Drinking and party

Buckets of alcohol in Phi Phi island

There is a lot of booze consumption at night in Phuket! Luckily, times have changed and rip-offs are getting rare. In the large majority of the cases, when the bill arrives and is surprisingly high, it is often because of customer’s careless ordering than the establishment purposely inflating your bill. However, here is a frequent scenario to keep in mind: when you are out to part in a bar with friends, the ladies working at the bar will probably ask you to buy them a drink. If you agree and seems to have a good time and start to get drunk, they might ask for more drinks. As the night goes, their friends will join and ask for a drink too. As you are having a great time (you are on holiday) you will lose track of how much was ordered. In some case, you may even have said ‘no’ to a girl, and she still ordered on your tab. So the best is to pay as drinks arrive!

Beer bars in Patong

Also in Go Go bars, a lady drink is more expensive than regular glass. That’s how it works as it pays for the time she spends keeping you company. Their salary is not high, and this is equivalent to a service tip, so don’t be too stingy. Spike drinks are rare but not unheard of.

11. Night companions

If you meet someone and decide to spend the night with (apparently, that happens), act like an adult! Use some protection and don’t let your belonging scattered around the room (especially after a few drinks)

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