Phuket Weather in November

Phuket Weather in November ☀️☁️🌧️

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How is Phuket’s weather in November?

In November, the weather in Phuket starts showing some improvement as it is the last month of the rainy season. On an average year, you can expect a mix of sun and short rains, but the risk of entire days of heavy rain reduces; sunny days are frequent. All tours and day trips operate normally, prices are still on the cheap side, and road traffic remains fluid.

Doi Thepnimit Patong Phuket

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Phuket Averages in November

Phuket Weather in November

Temperatures and rainy days in November

November Weather
Average Day Temperature30.9°C
Average Night Temperature27.0°C
Average Sunny Days11 days
Average Rainy Days16 days
Average Rainfall177.4mm
Average Humidity79%
Water Temperature29.4°C

The air temperature is around 30˙C. The Phuket sea is warm all year round, so this is never an issue; however, the ocean can be rough sometimes, and you must keep an eye on the red flags. This is a serious matter as riptide is treacherous and unfortunate accidents still happen. It is always an excellent idea to book a hotel with a pool for those days, especially those with pool bars and pool access rooms; there are many in Phuket.

Phuket Weather in November

What to Do in November?

The stunning Similan islands are reopened, but the ocean may still be a bit rough on some days. Buying motion sickness pills can be a good idea, just in case.

Similan Islands

As always, all other day trips are operating, and you can go to Phi Phi Island, Coral Island, and Racha Island without worries. Tours are only canceled on exceptionally bad weather days. In these cases, you will be refunded or offered another day trip the next day. Phang Nga Bay is beautiful at any time of the year and is a must-see in Phuket anyway!

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Loy Krathong Festival

On November 13, Thailand celebrates the beautiful Loy Krathong Festival! People will release floating offerings with candles and incense on top or even flying lanterns everywhere around Thailand. It’s beautiful and happens everywhere.

Loi Krathong in Phuket

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FAQs about Phuket weather in November



  1. Q. What is the average temperature in November in Phuket?

    In November, the average temperature in Phuket is 30.9 °C (87.62°F) during the day and 27 °C (80.6°F) at night.

  2. Q. How many rainy days in November?

    In Phuket during November, the rain falls for 16 days, with an average rainfall of 177.4 mm.

  3. Q. What is the water temperature in November?

    In November, the average water temperature is 29.4°C (84.92°F).

  4. Q. What is the average length of a day in November in Phuket?

    The average length of a day in November in Phuket is 11.8h. The sunrise is around 6.15 am, and sunset is around 6 pm.

  5. Q. What should I pack for November weather in Phuket?

    Phuket is warm all year long, so pack very light as you will probably only wear t-shirts, skirts and short pants most of the days. You also can easily buy any clothing you may have forgotten at the local market. Maybe take an umbrella and a very light raincoat.

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