Phuket weather in March

Phuket Weather in March ☀️☀️

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Is March a good time to visit Phuket?

Phuket weather in March gets hotter, sea and weather remain spotlessly blue. Here too, expect the prices to stay high, roads and beaches to be busy. Some rain may appear in short (and welcome) showers, mostly at night.

Phuket weather each month of the year

Phuket Averages in March

Temperatures and rainy days in March

March Weather
Average Day Temperature31.7°C
Average Night Temperature26.8°C
Average Sunny Days23 days
Average Rainy Days6 days
Average Rainfall73.5mm
Average Humidity71%
Water Temperature29.6°C

Rain Chart for Phuket in March

Phuket Rain Chart in March

Phuket Weather Month by Month

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