Phuket Weather in August ☀️🌧️

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How is the weather in Phuket in August?

Phuket weather in August may see a little more rain than in July since it is the peak of the rainy season. Once again, the rainy season doesn’t mean it will rain every day or all day, visitors will be able to enjoy some sunny days, and the temperature is not more comfortable than in the scorching previous months. The sea and the swimming pools are warm all year round, about 30˚C, so swimming is always possible. However, keep in mind that the rip tides in the ocean can be treacherous in August, and you should absolutely respect the red flags. Book a hotel with a nice pool is always a great way to enjoy a good swim and a relaxed afternoon with a drink by the water.

On the bright side, the island is more peaceful, fewer traffic jams and beaches are all yours. Sea can be rough, so respect the flags and pick a hotel with a nice pool and a spa, and you will have fantastic holidays.

Phuket weather each month of the year

Phuket Average for August

Phuket Weather in August

What to do in Phuket in August?

With a 50-50 % chance of rain, we recommend enjoying the beach whenever the sun shines and keeping the island exploration for cloudy or even rainy days. The tours to the islands around Phuket run normally all year round and are only cancelled when the weather turns awful, which is rather rare. If you really want to see fantastic landscapes, Phang Nga Bay is even more beautiful with dramatic skies, and because immense limestone cliffs in the bay protect it, the sea is always calm! (no need for motion sickness medicine).

Exploring Phuket Old Town can be done under any weather, the streets are beautiful, and there are many boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants in old heritage houses to take a break as you explore. Besides, the cooler temperatures make it more comfortable to walk around without sweating.

And as always, spa treatments and shopping malls are the first places that come to mind to spend an occasional wet day. Just remember to call your hotel spa as soon as it rains if you wish to enjoy a treatment because many guests in your hotel will probably have the same idea!

Phuket rain chart for August

Phuket rain chart for August

Rainfalls and temperatures in August

August Weather
Average Day Temperature30.9°C
Average Night Temperature27.8°C
Average Sunny Days10 days
Average Rainy Days15 days
Average Rainfall286.8mm
Average Humidity79%
Water Temperature29.2°C

Phuket Weather Month by Month

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FAQs about Phuket Weather in August

  1. Q. What is the average temperature in August in Phuket?

    In August, the average temperature in Phuket is 30.9 °C (87.62°F) during the day and 27.8 °C (82.04°F) at night.

  2. Q. How many rainy days in August?

    In Phuket during August, the rain falls for 15 days, with an average rainfall of 286.8 mm.

  3. Q. What is the water temperature in August?

    In August, the average water temperature is 29.2°C (84.56°F).

  4. Q. What is the average length of a day in August in Phuket?

    The average length of a day in August in Phuket is 12.4h. The sunrise is around 6 am, and sunset is around 7 pm.

  5. Q. What should I pack for August weather in Phuket?

    Phuket is warm all year long, so pack very light as you will probably only wear t-shirts, skirts and short pants most of the days. You also can easily buy any clothing you may have forgotten at the local market. Maybe take an umbrella and a very light raincoat.

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