Phuket weather in April

Phuket Weather in April ☀️☀️

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How is the weather in Phuket in April?

The weather in Phuket In April remains beautiful and clear. The sea is still calm, and the weather is as warm as a bath. In April, the temperatures start to raise seriously and can reach some of the highest peaks of the year. If you travelled on a short budget and picked one of the few hostels without air con and just a fan, you better be ready for some hot nights, but all hotels in Phuket are well prepared, and air conditioning is expected to provide comfortable temperatures in your room.

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Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival Phuket

April being so hot each year, it is also the occasion to celebrate the famous Songkran festival, where people shower each other copiously for several days (and nights). It’s fun for most, but if you don’t like getting wet and partying wild, consider avoiding the Songkran week (whose dates vary each year).



Phuket Averages in April

Phuket weather in April

Temperatures and rainy days in April

April Weather
Average Day Temperature32.1°C
Average Night Temperature28.1°C
Average Sunny Days22 days
Average Rainy Days10 days
Average Rainfall142.9mm
Average Humidity75%
Water Temperature30.2°C

Rain Chart for Phuket in April

Phuket Rain Chart in April

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