Iguana Beach Club

Iguana Beach Club
Iguana Beach Club
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Iguana Beach Club

Iguana Beach Club is a small hidden sandy bay with a cool chilled-out vibe during the day and great parties during weekends. Found on a cove tucked between Patong and Kamala Beach, Iguana Beach Club is a relaxing hideaway playing house music until sunset and turning into a groovy club by night. Every weekend, Iguana puts on great beach parties organized by Groove Box, a group of well-known club professionals and friends.

The beach is a perfect afternoon spot to relax and recover from last night party in those large beanbags scattered around on the sand, enjoying the unique atmosphere of a hidden creek. Drinks, cocktails and food are available all day, and when the sun goes down, the mood gets even more tropical: nothing beats a chilled drink with one of those Thailand sunsets and a DJ spinning progressively from Chillout music in the afternoon to deep house beat later at night.

It’s more intimate and more friendly than the large beach clubs found on Surin Beach and certainly has the right mood with a mix of funk, disco, hip hop & house music.During weekends, expect their parties to really blast you away with names such as Nakadia, NOIR, SuperFlu, Marco Loco, D.Ramirez, Sister Bliss(Faithless), Chocolate Puma, DJ Steek, Mr Mike, Cash Money, Steven “Lee’ Cabrera, Leeroy Thornhill and the list goes on… this guys know how to make your holiday special… and don’t miss the Full Moon parties!

How to get there: From Patong beach drive way past Kalim Beach, pass Kalima Beach Resort and from there keep your eyes on the left hand side of the road, 400 m further you should spot their road sign easily. There is a surprisingly large parking above the club.

Opening hours: always open!
080 234 2260
Note: No credit card accepted, bring cash!
Parties? Check out Iguana Beach Club Facebook page, it’s all there!

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