Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant Phuket

Khao Rang Breeze is one of the two very popular restaurants sitting at the top of the very scenic Rang Hill in Phuket Town.  The other is Tunk Ka Cafe and its beautiful view and excellent food and there used to be another large restaurant with a immense panoramic terrace called Phuket View but it was closed recently, hopefully just for renovation.

Khaorang Breeze Restaurant in Phuket Town

Khao Rang Breeze is the most modest of all three but with its large wooden terrace nested in a cradle of immense trees it certainly has a lot of charm. Near the restaurant you will get to see some monkeys but it’s recommended not to approach them or hand them food as they behaviour can be a little unpredictable. Don’t miss the viewpoint deck just next to the restaurant.

Khao Rang Breeze serves a decent Thai food as well as wines and cocktails but to be honest the food is not extraordinary and the seating is a little cramped but it is a nice photo opportunity. It still can be a good place for a casual lunch or dinner with a view over Phuket town but Tunk Ka Cafe just next for is a lot better and more authentic.

Beyond the beautiful hillside setting, Khao Rang Breeze is also known for its fancy and unusual toilets. An entire wall is a floor to ceiling glass window and the bowl proudly stands just in front of the trees with nothing to hide. I believe everyone freezes for a minute when entering the restroom, then starts looking left and right through that window trying to guess how much privacy is left. Actually the restrooms are quite high and the trees are leafy enough to hide your business so you are safe but it sure gives you something to talk about.

Parking nearby is easy if you came by car but it is quite a distance from Patong, Kata or Karon beaches.

Khao Rang Breeze Phuket

Hours: 9 am -12 am
: Rang Hill in Phuket Town
Tel: 076 355 775

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Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant Phuket
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