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China Inn Phuket Restaurant

China Inn Restaurant

China Inn is a lovely little restaurant in the middle of Thalang Road, the historical street of Phuket Town. Everyone who walked down that street admired it, and most even took photos. But how many stepped in or had lunch in its garden? Not that many.

China Inn Phuket

China Inn Restaurant was an old family house renovated with great taste and style, money, and more than two years of work. They didn’t fall into the usual trap of making a new house out of an old one, they kept the soul of the house alive, and you can’t help but admire the result. The typical Sino-Portuguese red facade, the Chinese doors and the beautiful floor tiles are an invitation to lunch.

China Inn Phuket Town

China Inn Restaurant is also an antique and handicraft shop, and the first room is full of items to browse or buy. Except for a blackboard with a handwritten menu outside the house, no one will greet you or invite you inside, so help yourself and walk inside. Pass the shop and enter the second room, where you might find someone at the counter to walk you to the garden where only a few tables are set. This is one of the surprising aspects of China Inn; the house is beautiful, and the food is good, but the staff is cold as if they were actually doing you a favour by allowing you to have lunch.

China Inn Phuket

The garden area is relaxing and nice for a peaceful lunch, so don’t go there if you have to be somewhere soon… time seems to move at a different pace, and thirty minutes can pass before your first course is served. But that’s ok, take your time to explore the place, you might want to go upstairs too where they sell Chinese style clothing. China Inn used to have a room for rent up there, but they no longer rent it.

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We ordered Thai dishes as it seems logical in a Sino-Portuguese house, but you can also select European fusion dishes. The Pomelo salad was very nice, and the Massaman curry with shrimp was also excellent.

I went there more than five times, and I always reach the same verdict. Service is bland, food is slow, and a bit pricey, but the house is beautiful. The food is good and matches the house’s atmosphere, so I still take my friends when exploring the Old Town.

china inn thalang road phuket

China Inn is located on 20 Thalang Road (between Wilai Restaurant and Kopitiam) and opens only for lunch, from Monday to Saturday. Although keep in mind that it is closed on Sunday, travellers often forget that Phuket Town is pretty quiet on that day! Call 076-356239 if you want to secure one of the very few tables.

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China Inn Information

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 20 Thalang Road, Phuket-Town, 83000
Open: 10.30 am – 6 pm – Closed on Sunday
Phone: 076 356 239

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