Kanom Jeen in Phuket Town

Pa Mai Kanom Jeen is a modest local Thai restaurant located at the intersection of Dibuk Road and Satun Road, just next to the famous Blue Elephant Restaurant, in Old Phuket Town. Pa Mai has been a popular local place for decades and if you haven’t yet tried Kanom Jeen, this might be your chance to try a true and delicious breakfast.

Kanom Jeen uses many ingredients and if you never tried it before, you might be a bit confused or overwhelmed by the many dishes on display everywhere. Ultimately, Kanom Jeen has four steps: 1) pick up a plate of cold white rice noodles, 2) select the curry sauce at the entrance counter, 3) walk to any available table and 4) add any of the veggies and leave on display on top of the table.

It might not look like much, but mixing the right leaves, pickles, beans, and sprouts is the key to reaching the perfect taste for you. Imagine the immense possible mix you can try to reach the taste that fits you. There are about 10 different curries to choose from then more than 15 condiments to mix them with, and each in a specific quantity each customer adjusts with the time and the mood of the day.

The first time I tried, I did not add many condiments and it wasn’t really good. It took a few breakfasts to finally reveal how good this dish is. Decades later, I tend to follow a usual mix that really pleases me on Sunday mornings, but I keep trying new bits or changing the proportions.

Kanom Jeen is fresh, cheap, fulfilling and truly delicious! Try it if you are in town!

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Pa Mai Kanom Jeen Info

Address: V9PP+J4J, Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Hours: 7 am -1.30 pm
Phone: 086 690 3375
Price: very cheap

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