Chaiyo Seafood

Chaiyo Seafood
Chaiyo Seafood
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Chaiyo Seafood

Feel like a little seafood lunch by the mangrove, without getting too far from Phuket Town? Chaiyo Seafood is a simple little restaurant quite close to town. Nicely built in a more comfortable setting than the famous Mor Mu Dong just across the klong (canal), Chaiyo keeps its live stock directly in the mangrove stream. Seafood can’t get much fresher than this…

Nothing very sophisticated, just a nice relax place for a week end lunch or dinner. Once you entered the restaurant through a narrow wooden bridge, you should sit by the riverside in the open air room, rather than the available air con room. That air con room doesn’t seem to be used very often anyway… why would you lock yourself between glass walls when you can enjoy the mangrove view and wind?


Lately they added some of these very popular thatched ‘Salas wooden house’ (see photo), but these are facing the pond, which is not as nice as the riverside.Food choice is extensive and menu well illustrated (that helps a lot!) but whichever seafood restaurant we go to, we always end up having crab. They seem to specialize in ‘Poo Dam’, meaning ‘Black Crab’ which costs between 480 and 590 Baht per kilo for the big ones (about 2 crabs). With its really hard shell, eating a black crab requires skills and patience. Blue Crab is 450 Baht per kilo, easier to eat and tastes sweeter. Lobster is 1,800 Baht per kilo, while the famous Tiger Prawns cost 1,200 baht per kilo, that’s for 6 to 10 Prawns.


How to get to Chayo Seafood: Located on Kao Kaad Road, Chayo seafood is easy to reach but not easy to find. From Phuket Town, take direction of Chalong and turn left at ‘Pathana Thong Thin’ street. Once you reach a small circle, take the second exit (that’s how my GPS talks) and drive until you see their ‘easy to spot signboard’. Bon Appetit!

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