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Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant Phuket

A vegetarian restaurant in Phuket Town

Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant is a modern restaurant kept cosy and it is located on the corner of a T-junction in Phuket Town. A beautiful front porch full of colourful plants and a small water fountain catches your eye when you are approaching the restaurant, this makes a comfortable outdoor sitting area with a neat table setup. The interior design also features a modern look with its bright wooden tables and colourful seats, it is dominated by two large wall paintings depicting flowers and greenery. This is an Instagram-worthy setup and décor.

dok bua vegetarian restaurant 6

On the Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant menu, authentic Thai food options from street food style skewers to more complex curries are up for grabs here. They also have a variety of salads and nutritional dishes; however, the Thai dishes stand out specifically their veganised street cart skewers, which are usually meat-based. Oddly enough they use chicken, fish and pork names for their dishes e.g., “fried pork” and you may be tempted to double-check but rest assured what they refer to as chicken or pork is actually tofu or tempeh, this is a fully vegetarian restaurant. I got up three times and actually asked three different staff to make sure, that’s how confused I was 🙂 Their staff is very friendly and speaks good English to answer any questions you might have.

dok bua vegetarian restaurant 4

The food is amazing here and they get their tofu textures as close to the real thing as you can imagine but without the overpowering meat flavour, you find in other imitation meat products like some industrial burger patties. The very first vegan restaurant where even my non-vegan partner was absolutely thrilled by every dish we have been served, making this a perfect place to ease your or your partner into the vegan way of life. Dok Bua surely has a unique approach to vegan dishes and is definitely worth your visit.

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Lemon Grass Fish in Tamarind Sauce is a highlight. Well-presented “fish” fillet pieces in a sweet umami sauce with a hint of orange is the perfect combination of flavours, we finished it in no time! This stunning dish is served with rice, perfect to soak up any left-over sauce.

dok bua vegetarian restaurant 5

Pork Skewer and Papaya Salad Platter are a centrepiece, served authentically in a bamboo tray along with traditional sticky rice. The “pork” skewers are made from Tofu skin, perfectly shaped to imitate the real deal and it is marinated in a smoky, sweet sauce with a nice grill glaze on top. Most Thai people use their fingers to eat sticky rice, they form it into a ball and use it as a sauce carrier. This is also my preferred way to eat since it brings me closer to my food. My tip to you is to use the sticky rice ball and dip it into the Nam Jim Sauce, a flavour-rich sauce made from Lime juice, Chili, Palm sugar and toasted Rice powder which is the most important ingredient of this sauce.

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The Chicken Green Curry served with rice is also very recommendable. Surprisingly the tofu curls have a strong chicken flavour and have been grilled before being added to the curry sauce. A nice blend of green curry paste and coconut milk, not a very heavy dish, making it an easy meal to finish in one go.

dok bua vegetarian restaurant 4

Pork Dim Sum is also a very nice dish to try made, with crumbled tofu and served with sweet vinegar dipping sauce. These remind me of the morning dim sum places you come across all over Thailand, a very popular breakfast choice amongst locals.

If you feel like taking a few treats home with you, go and have a look inside Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant and choose from a variety of vegan snacks available on shelves in the middle of the restaurant.

Dok Bua Vegetarian Restaurant Info

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 2 Soi Ratchaphruek, Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Hours: 10:30 am – 8.30 pm
Phone: 076 211 985

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