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Phuket Brasserie

Phuket Brasserie in Phuket Townb

Phuket Brasserie is one of the best French dining venues in Phuket town, owned and operated by Belgium chef Alain Tabruyng. Previously known as ‘The Taste’, the brasserie is located on Rassada road, near the fountain circle and right opposite Salvatore and Anna’s Cafe. Very easy to find. The place is brand new, but strangely, it feels like it has always been here. A lot of effort has been invested in the design. A long red leather sofa occupies an entire wall and with the many mirrors above it, it really does have the feel of a brasserie (well, with a Sino-Portuguese touch).


The place is divided in three rooms, the bar area with two counters, and parallel to it the main dining room which can accommodate up to 30 guests. The back of the restaurant is also a dining room with a small village plaza atmosphere to it.

As in most brasseries, the menu is not that long but specialized in what they do best. There was no hesitation in our choices: go for dishes we can’t find easily in Phuket. So we happily ended up with Fine de Claire oysters (a lot), Cuisses de Grenouilles (le frog legs), Steak Tartare (le raw beef with le condiments) and ‘moules frites’ a great classic you might know better as mussels in white wine plus mussel in cream sauce with plenty of french fries. To you, it might look like just another day at the brasserie next door, to us it was a rare and long-awaited treat.


The whole thing was accompanied by draught Belgium beer. A feast. A bit pricey, but not as much as we anticipated, especially considering the large portions. We never touched the fries and we could not even think about sweets! Shame… so now we do have an excuse to go back.

Useful Tips: It gets busy on weekends, so even though they do have a lot of tables, better be safe and book. Weekdays must be more quiet, like most places in town. Tel: 076 210 511If you are not a big eater, go easy on the bread served before your order arrives!


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Willy Thuan

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